A role-playing action video game, Final Fantasy XV portrays an open environment and also a battle system that is based on action. Along with this, it also consists of elemental magic and other amazing features like camping and travel of the vehicles.

An interesting storyline and great characters

The game is set in Eos, a fictional world full of magic and mystical creatures. The game follows the protagonist Noctis, the heir to the throne of the country. Noctis has to battle the evil empire Niflheim and its army of evil creatures to retrieve the sacred magic Crystal.

The only character of the game, Noctis can be controlled by the player who has the ability to navigate via simple movements and also, he can jump over little obstacles. The game makes use of a real-time system for battle.

So, what the player can do is, in place of making use of the menu interface, the player can make use of the controller and select commands which are mapped directly to the buttons which are placed on the controller.

All the battles will be taking place within the current battle. These mainly can range anywhere from plains which are open and wide to buildings that have enclosed interiors. When the time comes to face the enemies, the player will see a threat meter that will pop up on the top of the screen, which eventually will grow in intensity as the party tends to get closer to the enemy. So, the battle will start off only when the party gets close and starts attacking.

Constant character progression and the multiplayer feature

The player earns experience points after completing each battle which can be levelled up when the player gets to a safe zone like the rest sites, camps and inns called “Havens”. If the player loses a battle, all the experience points will be lost and the player will have to begin the game from the beginning.

It is not just a one-character game. Noctis has several companions to help him the conquest who have their own set of abilities and skills. You can use their powers and moves toward your benefit.

A multiplayer gameplay option is also available where players can create their avatar from the scratch and interact with three other players online and complete the various assigned missions.

Possessing realistic visual designs and stunning style, Final Fantasy XV was praised for its unique and unusual aesthetic and detailed gameplay.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final Fantasy XV Info

  • Game Name: Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
  • Game Size: 96MB
  • Category: APK > Strategy
  • Developers: Epic Action LLC
  • Current Version: v4.3.13.102
  • Ratings: 4.0 out of 5
  • Installs: 10,000,000+
  • In-App Purchases: From (‘$0.99’, ‘$399.99’) US Dollars
  • Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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