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101 Okey
Updated Fri Mar 22 2024
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101 Okey
101 Okey
101 Okey


In the mobile game 101 Okey, players enter a board game that revolves around numbers and colors. Unlike the Uno card game, this game focuses more on the combination of numerical values. Players can meet and compete against each other in four-player rooms. They can also use their minds to decipher numerical patterns on the screen in the game. Brightly colored number cards are placed in rows in two different locations. Next to your location is a row of locations for cards; cards can be scratched to another location. The players in the other three positions each have three cards. You can learn where the cards are so you can draw more cards without affecting your current hand. This allows you to play intense matches at the same time.

Create combinations of numbers and symbols for further processing

In the game 101 Okey, players try to collect numbers of different colors to form specific combinations. The most common combination is different numbers in different colors. You can combine sequences of increasing values by choosing a predetermined color combination. This process also increases the value of the sequence by one. Some combinations will even use up all your numbers to take advantage of all combinations. When creating new combinations, each player must consider how many numbers they have in their hand. There is no need for a specific relationship between the numbers; new numbers are added and removed all the time. Grabbing numbers serves as an important requirement to reach the desired number; the square to the player's right is where excess numbers are removed. Close encounters foster engaging interactions and sometimes mean new puzzle elements. For example, when a new player draws a number, no other players can draw it until the next turn. Likewise, players grabbing from the player on the left face only a limited range of choices. It is often more advantageous to draw a random number against an opponent rather than from a draw, even if that opponent is an opponent.

Experience numerous interesting opponents

101 Okey has multiple difficulty levels, each requiring specific matching numbers. Occasionally, a difficulty level won't match the numbers correctly, so you can adjust your bet before entering a specific challenge. Participants can receive substantial monetary rewards when successful. This encourages them to continue participating in higher level challenges. The number of participants can be increased. A match can have any number of players, but the main number is four. Additional players can be added to the match, up to a maximum of eight, adding even more challenges for players. Each additional player reduces the expected length of the match and increases the chances of a particular player winning. The game supports offline play, which allows players to play the game anytime and anywhere. This is a must-play game and not to be missed. The game keeps the focus on the numerical values surrounding it, preventing players from being distracted. Numbers first appear as colored rows of different values. The combination of these numbers must be sorted. Players will often encounter numbers that are paired with the same color or value. Entering numbers incorrectly will speed up the process by combining newly added numbers with unused numbers. The game's base match size is four players, but can be expanded to eight players with additional considerations. The game can be played offline and its entertaining gameplay can entertain players anywhere.

101 Okey Info

  1. App Name: 101 Okey
  2. App Size: 85.79 MB
  3. Category: Board
  4. Developers: Ahoy Games
  5. Current Version: v1.66.0
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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