Add Text: Text on Photo Editor MOD APK v11.0.0 [Unlocked]

Add Text: Text on Photo Editor
Updated Wed Mar 20 2024
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    Add Text: Text on Photo Editor
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Add Text: Text on Photo Editor
Add Text: Text on Photo Editor
Add Text: Text on Photo Editor


By downloading the Add Text-mod, you can add text to your photos to give them extra meaning. Select a photo in your album and choose a font from the suggested options. After selecting your photo, you don't need to change much, a rectangular frame will appear on the photo immediately after the first step is completed. In this step, use text to describe the photos and adjust their position as needed. Then, just click Save to create a finished piece in just a few steps. It's easy to get started, and you can get some helpful tips to improve your skills.

Different text sizes and styles are available. Photos can have over 1000 options to add text. Fonts include modern and classic styles with different colors. Choosing a font will add flair to your photos. Creating a photo collage requires the use of a variety of fonts. Some fonts have a unique and vibrant texture, making it easy to edit new or alternative fonts. If a font doesn't fit, users can quickly remove it from the project. Combining all elements together creates an unexpected whole that reveals something novel for all. This is a very good application, isn't it?

Correct facts to add additional information to a work

Because some aspects of the font don't fit with the overall style of the image, it's often necessary to manually adjust the text to improve its harmony with the photo. This is because fonts have default settings that may need to be changed. Remove unnecessary portions that overlap the image, or adjust text to face a specific direction. You can also change the camera's focal length to match the standard of the image. You can change the zoom percentage to fit the standard. Use your talent and creativity to decide how the text should be written. Turning the text upside down creates a novel look.

Add additional effects

Often, by gradually blurring the letters in your text, you can create an eye-catching 3D effect that makes your favorite font stand out more. Making text larger and bolder makes it easier to read and shows your attention to detail. Create a shadow that makes the text appear to be illuminated by sunlight. You can create gradients and bend the letters to the side you like. Letters can be stretched or compressed in the spaces between them. These effects can be used in different situations.

Additional action required

You can easily add or change the text you want, as well as change the image as needed. Combine multiple images to create a collage of your choice, then edit to your heart's content. You can crop the parts of the picture that you don't need. You can apply changes to your image at any time. Any products added to the gallery can be viewed at any time. Any changes made to the image remain in the gallery and can be reverted to the original at any time. This application helps you create transparent images to blend with the landscape. All necessary materials can be found inside. The sole purpose of this application is to create and store text entries. However, it also increases the functionality of Text Add mod with many effects. This application is specially developed for serious occasions.

Phone includes powerful font application

Text on Photo Editor is a powerful font application from the developers of Gabo Apps. If you often add text to photos, this app is a must-have tool on your phone. Adding text in Photo Editor can give your photos rich, vibrant colors and effects. Add text to an image, background, or solid to add a personal touch to any picture.

Excellent writing with multiple fonts

Photo Editor app can add text in various styles and formats, from stickers to shapes and images. You can also manipulate text, convert it to an image or add a second layer. The app can also add Emoji fonts to any custom fonts you create. You have many different tools available to create unique designs. These tools include fonts, formatting, color pickers, outlines, highlights, and more. You can easily adjust the size and proportion of text. You can even save it as a style in the styles panel. This can be used for watermarks, signatures, and other purposes. The Photo Editor app includes a font and formatting tool to change text alignment, size and style. It also includes tools to add bold, italic, strikethrough, and underline text to photos. Users can draft each text before finalizing it. Individual letters or words can be changed to change their transparency and color. Additional borders can be added to the presentation with the desired border width and color. You can easily color an entire paragraph or different parts with different opacity. You can also customize the spacing between lines and between individual letters. Using Text Editor, you can place text on a grid and choose to snap it into place. You can also rotate text horizontally and vertically with the flip overlay feature. Other features include curve-bent text and more.

Write necessary utilities such as word processors

The Text section of the Photo Editor app lets you perform a variety of advanced text-related functions. For example, the 3D Text tool allows you to view a 3D perspective with specific layers. Other features include layer arrangement tools and the ability to hide, lock, or unlock individual layers. The app has various tools for backgrounds like flip/rotate, resize, medium square, effects and crop. This means they can move, scale, rotate and edit text on the background. Other tools include copy, delete, and paste for pasting overlay layers onto text. You can add gradients with predefined colors and angles to your images. You can also manipulate transparency, blur, color, and position. Adding text to a picture makes it look like the photo has texture, by adding different photos and changing the opacity. Text can blend with the background or interact with it through opacity. If you make a mistake, you can use the brush to erase parts of the text. Color tools include eyedroppers, color pickers, and predefined colors.

Add Text: Text on Photo Editor function :

- More than 800 fonts;

- Add various fonts;

- Partial text can have different styles;

- The latest work is always saved;

- Support transparent images;

- Change text color;

- text outline;

- Underlined text;

- spacing;

- Perspective text;

- Curved text: text along a curve;

- shadow;

- Gradient;

- text texture;

- Opacity of text;

- sticker;

- add pictures;

- Undo and restore;

- Photo cropping;

-Resize pictures;

- Adjust the square;

- Flip and rotate;

- Save as JPEG or PNG format.

Add Text: Text on Photo Editor Info

  1. App Name: Add Text: Text on Photo Editor
  2. App Size: 10.99 MB
  3. Category: Photography
  4. Developers: Gabo Apps
  5. Current Version: v11.0.0
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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