Alien Shooter - Invasion MOD APK v5.8.0 [latest]

Alien Shooter - Invasion
Updated Fri Jun 21 2024
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    Alien Shooter - Invasion
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Alien Shooter - Invasion
Alien Shooter - Invasion
Alien Shooter - Invasion
Alien Shooter - Invasion

Step into the mysterious facility in the desert, become a fearless superhero, and fight against hordes of monsters. In Alien Shooter - Invasion, you will face endless challenges, collect huge wealth, and repel brutal alien creatures.

Mission and Challenges

Carry out thrilling missions: Go deep into desert facilities, kill monsters, and collect treasures.

Fight Vicious Monsters: Face off against terrifying monsters hungry for human flesh.

Gather tons of wealth: Explore tunnels, collect coins, and upgrade your strength.

Tough Battles: Prove your bravery by standing alone against hordes of monsters.

Weapons and Equipment

Holy Armor: Wear the armor provided by the game to improve your defense.

Modern Weapons: Equip powerful weapons to kill multiple monsters at once.

Dual Gun: Use two weapons at the same time to take on stronger enemies at full power.

Monsters and Levels

Hordes of Monsters: Monsters will swarm towards you from all directions and launch a fierce attack on you.

Complex Terrain: Fight in underground passages and be careful of sneak attacks from monsters.

Automatic weapons: Use automatic weapons placed at specific locations to lure monsters into traps.

Upgrades and Rewards

Ability Upgrades: Improve your strength and skills to take on tougher challenges.

Weapon Upgrades: Unlock and upgrade more advanced weapons to increase your firepower.

Rescue function: If there are too many monsters, you can use the rescue function to throw powerful grenades to destroy them.

Rich rewards: Complete tasks, kill monsters, collect gold coins, and win rich rewards.


Exciting zombie action game.

Rich and diverse weapon systems.

Exciting levels and missions.

Upgrade and reward system to improve your strength.

Fascinating science fiction background.

Alien Shooter - Invasion Info

  1. App Name: Alien Shooter - Invasion
  2. App Size: 236M
  3. Category: Action
  4. Developers: Sigma Team
  5. Current Version: v5.8.0
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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