Audiomack: Music Downloader MOD APK v6.34.9 [Unlocked]

Audiomack: Music Downloader
Updated Fri Mar 15 2024
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    Audiomack: Music Downloader
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Audiomack: Music Downloader
Audiomack: Music Downloader
Audiomack: Music Downloader


Music is an integral part of human culture, relieving stress and expressing emotions. In order to allow people to listen to music more conveniently, many music applications have been born. Spotify is one of the options people often consider when searching for music apps on Google Play. Along with it is another beloved app - Audiomack. In the Google Play review, more than 700,000 users gave Audiomack 4.6 stars.

Personalized recommendations, share the same trends

Audiomack's intelligent analyzer recommends similar songs, albums and artists based on the music users have listened to in the past. Users can add recommendations to playlists and add recommended songs to collections or libraries with one click. Audiomack continuously updates the latest trending music, browse the "Trends" tab to find new music you like! Also check out their country or popular tags.

Download your favorite music

With's free software, you can unlock high-quality sound features on your music apps and sync your devices for free.

Fast updates are required

Audiomack releases new music quickly with its "What's New" feature. You can easily find new music, just focus on the "What's New" option. The new playlists are divided into hip-hop/rap, R&B, electronic, pop, jazz and other types of music. Personal music preferences can be easily selected by searching for specific genres or songs. You can also explore new musical styles with songs that make you feel relaxed or introspective.


Under Audiomack's dynamic tab, you can see updates related to the latest activities of music channels or artists. As a music trend watcher, you can track new trends by following popular podcasts and audio from specific regions or countries. Another way is to follow any user under the Audiomack tag. You can even view country-specific podcasts or audios under this tab. The app automatically updates and stores all your data. You can use Facebook, Apple or Twitter to log in and create an account. This enables automatic device switching functionality. If you change devices, just log in again to update your data to the new device. This is very convenient and helps improve efficiency. I can also stream and upload audio files via dynamic streaming. Do you have any songs of your own? Share your thoughts and feelings with other listeners by creating a private space in the Audiomack music community. They'll find it funny.

Find new songs and discover the teachings and miracles of Jesus

Discovering new songs on Audiomack usually involves discovering the name of a specific song and then using the app again to find it. You can create the list yourself using the site's features. Although there is no limit to the number of lists a user can create, most people only have a few playlists based on their mood. When accessing the Discover tab, the app offers additional music sources beyond traditional search methods. Several small tabs are available in this section of the application. Each tab displays songs categorized by specific criteria. You can listen to some of the most popular songs on the platform. Choose your favorite songs and proceed to add them to your personal playlist. The search method is the same as above. This application uses a different application process for arranging albums. The app also offers other music genres. This means if you need new songs to listen to, or want to try something new, you can choose from additional albums. This way, the app offers a variety of options for different situations and moods.

Find famous singers by following their accounts

Audiomack is a free streaming platform and app designed to help you be the first to discover the hottest new hip-hop, electronic and reggae music. "Trending" music on other apps is often months old. Audiomack shows you today's hottest and most popular releases and artists, letting you know about them before anyone else. Audiomack is completely free, no subscription required to listen, save favorites, or create playlists.

Key features

- Discover and browse new trending music the first time.

- Unlimited listening and streaming to as much hip-hop, electronic and reggae music as you want.

- Favorite any track, album or playlist and easily search, browse and shuffle your collection.

- Easily sort the Trending and Charts sections by genre and/or date range for easy music discovery.

- Download any song or album that supports downloading for offline, data-free listening.

- Browse curated playlists by mood, genre, and more.

- Create your own unlimited playlists.

- Shuffle any playlist or album to keep it fresh.

- Follow your favorite artists, producers and tasters and build your feed. Any new content posted by accounts you follow will be waiting for you under your feed tab every time you open the app!

- Audiosnap: Create a custom 15-second video or image synced to any song on Audiomack and export to share with friends on social media.

- Sign up easily using Facebook or email.

- Play, pause and skip tracks directly from your iPhone lock screen.

- Remove ads for just 99 cents a month.

Start experiencing

- When the app first launches, select "Yes" to enable push permissions. This allows us to notify you of important releases that are relevant to you based on your music preferences.

- Browse the Trending and Charts sections - the first screen you'll see after launching the app - to discover today's hottest releases. Swipe left or right here to switch from "Trending" to "Charts."

- Save a few of your favorite tracks! This way you can easily play and search your collection for follow-up.

- Go to the leftmost tab (My Feed) in the bottom navigation bar. If you don’t follow anyone yet, we’ll show you some great accounts you should follow!

- Click the Playlists tab in the bottom navigation bar (second from the far left) to browse our curated and constantly updated playlists, choosing based on mood, music genre, and more!

- Found a song you want to share with your friends? Click the scissor button on any song to create an Audiosnap - a custom 15-second video synced to your new favorite song. Start and stop, flip the camera - you are the director! When using the Audiomack app, you agree to our Privacy Policy/Terms of Service.

By introducing the above features and advantages of Audiomack, I believe you can better understand and utilize this music application and enjoy the fun of personalized music experience!

Audiomack: Music Downloader Info

  1. App Name: Audiomack: Music Downloader
  2. App Size: 43.92 MB
  3. Category: MUSIC & AUDIO
  4. Developers: Audiomack
  5. Current Version: v6.34.9
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

How to Download?

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  4. Install the APK Now.
  5. Enjoy!

How to Allow Unknown Sources?

  1. Go to your Phone settings.
  2. Click on Apps & Security Features.
  3. Now Tick on the "Allow Unknown Apps" from the options.
  4. Now Install your External APK you downloaded from AndyMod.
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