Battery Guru: Monitor & Health MOD APK v2.2.51 [Unlocked]

Battery Guru: Monitor & Health
Updated Sun Mar 17 2024
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    Battery Guru: Monitor & Health
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Battery Guru: Monitor & Health
Battery Guru: Monitor & Health
Battery Guru: Monitor & Health


With the popularity of smartphones, we rely on mobile phones almost every day, and the battery life of mobile phones directly affects our daily lives. In order to extend the service life of mobile phone batteries, we need to pay attention to some habits and maintenance methods. Luckily, there is an app called Battery Guru that can help us keep our phone’s battery functional and healthy.

Display any data information on the screen

The Battery Saver app provides users with various information about their phone’s battery. Through the app, users can find out how much power their phone has left, which apps are using the most power, and what percentage of each app is being used. By understanding this data, users can decide when to charge their phones and avoid damage and expensive repairs.

Remind users about bad habits

Smartphone users should avoid charging while charging or using their phone. These habits will gradually shorten the life of your phone and make it difficult to get rid of. Smartphone manufacturers provide users with reminders to encourage them to stop these bad habits.

Use battery power

Battery Saver app helps users keep their battery healthy by reducing the data used. Themes in the app help facilitate this.

Measure battery usage

Battery Guru tracks battery usage over the last few hours and then provides analysis and tips on how users can improve battery efficiency. The app can be used anytime and anywhere, even when the battery is charging or discharging. By adjusting some app or program settings, users can better track battery usage over the next few hours. During the tracking process, Battery Guru tracks all changes in your battery reliably and easily, fully minimizing battery monitoring to the notification shade or a transparent overlay is an option that users will want to maximize. Checking the battery's remaining life or service hours can be used to obtain additional information on how to best protect your battery. This gives users more context, instructions and guidance when working with batteries.

Optimize battery or adjust appropriately for best performance

The application provides users with comprehensive and extensive monitoring capabilities. It also contains many helpful tutorials to help users customize or optimize battery usage. This includes modifying battery life by customizing how long multiple apps run; users can even reduce the time multiple apps run simultaneously. Modifications in the battery have long-term effects on the application, so the long-term use of the device by the user is improved. Extending battery life is an easy way to customize your system. Users can set parameters for certain applications to limit their functionality. The device enters a sleep mode that suspends everything on the system.

Additional customization options and a variety of themes increase the customizability of the program

Battery Guru offers many customization options. Some of these features are rarely seen in other apps, making it one of the best apps for tracking battery usage. Many themes can also be changed or replaced entirely, allowing users to explore new styles. Indicators can be customized to look whatever the user wants, making them useful for everything from clocks to medical devices.

SET sets limits on charging time and reminders

Battery Guru provides users with clear instructions to improve battery efficiency and longevity. This program focuses on battery maintenance and provides information on battery temperature and daily usage. Many factors can shorten battery life, including overcharging and lack of maintenance. By taking care of their batteries, users can extend their power usage and performance. Battery Guru is an app that helps users with a flexible and powerful way to interact with their batteries. The app even makes monitoring battery health easier and more stable. The app also provides users with a number of in-app guidance to help them maximize battery life and device functionality.

Download the Battery Guru module to increase the battery life of any device

Your device's battery will gradually drain over time. Some batteries have lower capacity, while others have higher capacity. When designing a device, one needs to consider how many batteries are needed. If a device has a low battery, it won't last as long as other devices. We need Battery Guru to help with this; it requires some permissions from the user to work properly. Closing non-essential applications reduces the need for Battery Guru to quickly intervene and run in the background. Optimize battery life for maximum efficiency, helping you use your device longer.

Battery Guru: Monitor & Health Features:

BatteryGuru monitors and helps you optimize battery health and performance, providing tips to extend battery life and increase its longevity. BatteryGuru does not require root permissions, does not require access to private information, and does not display false information to users. Maintaining the health of your battery is crucial. Display any data information on the screen. Remind users about bad habits. Use battery powered power source. The Sony VAIO S is a powerful and versatile machine. Make sure to measure battery usage. Optimize battery or adjust appropriately for best performance. Additional customization options and a variety of themes increase the customizability of the program. SET sets limits on charging times and reminders. Download the Battery Guru module to increase the battery life of any device.

Battery Guru: Monitor & Health Info

  1. App Name: Battery Guru: Monitor & Health
  2. App Size: 13.27 MB
  3. Developers: player
  4. Current Version: v2.2.51
  5. System: android 5.0+
  6. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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