Bermuda Adventures Island Farm MOD APK v1.18.3 [unlimited gems]

Bermuda Adventures Island Farm
Updated Sat Jun 15 2024
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    Bermuda Adventures Island Farm
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Bermuda Adventures Island Farm
Bermuda Adventures Island Farm
Bermuda Adventures Island Farm
Bermuda Adventures Island Farm
Bermuda Adventures Island Farm


Set foot on the deserted island of Bermuda and start a thrilling adventure. As a lost person, you need to start from scratch, build a new civilization, create a livable home, and turn the deserted island into the paradise of your dreams.

The first farmland was reclaimed

Your desert island survival journey starts here. Bermuda Adventure will provide you with a complete farm construction system, including farming, raising cattle, building facilities, etc. Each function has a rich selection, allowing you to easily enjoy a comfortable farm life and improve your quality of life.

Construct essential buildings

To keep your village growing steadily, you need to build a variety of important buildings, from resource processing plants to residential buildings. Each building has its own unique purpose, interacting with the surrounding environment to start production. Carefully plan the layout of your farm and build more high-quality buildings to bring more convenience to your life.

Innovative farm interaction

The farm mechanics of Bermuda Adventure have been greatly improved to make your work more efficient and convenient. You can drag, drop and pinch to use a variety of tools to easily tend to the farm and harvest crops. Of course, these tools can also be used on other farm units to help you quickly process resources.

A harmonious and friendly visual feast

The visual effects of the game are cute and vivid, creating a vibrant paradise atmosphere for players. Every visual element and interaction with the environment has been carefully designed to make everything come alive. The environment, characters, and overall farm design of the deserted island all give people a refreshing feeling and create a prosperous atmosphere.

Explore the secrets of the deserted island

Bermuda Adventures offers a rich collection of mini-games with original designs representing lost civilizations. After finishing your farm work, you can explore the rest of the deserted island, collect resources, expand the size of your village, and absorb new elements from different locations.

Rich daily tasks

The daily quest system is the main source of income in the game, and they are varied and rewarding. Each reward has its value, helping you develop a prosperous island and making your character more diverse. When you achieve achievements or meet the minimum requirements, you can also unlock rewards such as new items, buildings, and costumes.

Bermuda Adventure will provide players with a relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience, allowing you to build your own village on a deserted island, create a new civilization, explore ancient ruins, improve people's quality of life, and build a prosperous paradise.

Game Features

A wide variety of characters, each with their own unique stories and personality traits

Meet travelers from the past and interesting neighbors

A vast island farm for you to cultivate

A free-to-play farming game with cooking, adventuring and trading

Unique farm animals, plants and buildings

Hundreds of free farming games, including an adventure-filled journey to an exotic island

Engaging family game with regularly updated quests and unique events

Customize your character's appearance

More exciting and humorous games are waiting for you to discover!

Bermuda Adventures Island Farm Info

  1. App Name: Bermuda Adventures Island Farm
  2. App Size: 150M
  3. Category: Other Game
  4. Developers: BELKA GAMES
  5. Current Version: v1.18.3
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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