Bookly: Book & Reading Tracker MOD APK v2.1.0 [Unlocked]

Bookly: Book & Reading Tracker
Updated Wed May 15 2024
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    Bookly: Book & Reading Tracker
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Bookly: Book & Reading Tracker
Bookly: Book & Reading Tracker
Bookly: Book & Reading Tracker


Bookly brings together a huge number of books covering all types. Whether it is the current popular works or the rare and niche precious collections, you can find them here. The diverse types, themes and styles allow you to enjoy the pleasure of reading anytime, anywhere.

Just click on the title and press the red button to start reading. You can start reading from the first chapter, switch to the built-in audiobook mode or turn the pages manually.

Accurate statistics, clear at a glance

Surveys and reports provide authoritative data on reading habits.

The most novel feature of Bookly's reading habit statistics tool is the accurate count of the number of books each user has read. Other features, such as the number of words read in a specific time period, are also very accurate.

The difference in how fast a reader reads different chapters in a book affects the overall reading time. Each day that passes from the day you start reading a book adds to the reading time. The number of books read in a week, month, year, or any other period of time also contributes to the total reading time. Going without reading for a certain period of time also adds extra reading time. The number of days you read, including days of uninterrupted or distraction-free reading, will affect your overall reading speed.

Using the data from this app simplifies the reading process. Small achievements listed in the app motivate users to read more. Users can also move through a book faster by listening to audiobooks.

Convenient management and orderly

Bookly helps users discover new books, provides book recommendations and lists of users' favorite books. This application not only makes it easy for users to find and read books they already know, but also encourages readers to explore new books and broaden their reading range.

In the Bookly app, enter the ISBN code of any book you come across in the store to add it to your favorites. When you find a book you haven't had time to read, you can add it to your favorites list. You can then use Bookly's search function to find a specific title.

Smart assistant, caring companion

The Bookly smart assistant is a powerful addition to your reading app.

This reading app is equipped with an intelligent assistant that tracks the user's reading habits. The assistant can also recommend new books and provide a ranking of the most recommended books in the past. There is a connection between reading and listening to music, both of which can relax the body and mind. If you want to integrate reading into your daily life, you can set an alarm to remind yourself to read every day. Reading a few pages of a beloved book before doing something interesting is a great way to prepare for the next music or movie. By completing a yearly reading goal, you can gain useful knowledge and it is also a great achievement.

Bookly makes reading easier. It combines high quality with creative use. Bookly mod encourages readers to schedule time for reading and always recommends new books. Anyone who loves reading will love Bookly.

Functional Overview

With the Bookly mobile app, Android users have access to powerful tools to track their reading habits and progress. By enabling this app on their mobile devices, users can easily track all the eBooks, audiobooks, and books they have completed. They can start tracking anytime, anywhere, and view detailed results and statistics at the end of each session.

By using the tracking data, you can understand your reading habits and the books you are currently reading. You can also use this data to bookmark your favorites and track all your books across all platforms. Once you have collected this data, use it to manage your entire library across different platforms. By accessing this app, users can unlock more reading tools that can enhance their enjoyment of reading books. These tools include reporting and analytics that are available to all Android users.

System Requirements

The Bookly mobile app offers a host of features to its users. The free version includes basic features like tracking reading habits. Premium features can be unlocked via in-app purchases. Alternatively, users can use the Google Play Store version of the app at no additional cost.

Please note that your Android device must have the latest firmware version installed. Make sure your device firmware version is at least 5.1; this is because the app requires stability and compatibility with your system. When using in-app features, your Android device will request access to certain permissions. You will need to allow these requests when you first open the app.

Excellent product, excellent functionality

The app has many great features.

Stylish and easy-to-use design, simple operation, easy to understand.

Bookly's mobile app makes reading simple and accessible. All Android users need to do is add some books to their library; no account registration required. Then, they can start using the counter right away. And because it's so easy to use, they can easily monitor their reading experience.

The timer automatically records how long you read in each session. When you finish a reading session, just press the start button to resume the timer. If you press the stop button, the app will stop recording. After you finish all your readings, you can easily access all your readings in the app and even rate them.

Track your reading in real time

Whenever you read (physical or e-book), start the timer with a simple click

Record the current page number of the book you are reading

See how long it would take you to finish the book at your current reading speed

Set a book goal to finish your book in a specific time

Add your own ratings, thoughts and quotes for each book.

Play ambient sounds while reading

Generate incredible infographic-style reports for each book.

Unlock achievements to stay motivated, read more

Get reading statistics and results

Get a lot of meaningful statistics: total reading time, number of pages read, reading speed, estimated book completion time, daily reading time, consecutive reading days, number of readings, etc.

Generate reading reports by book/month/year with charts and statistics

Set monthly or yearly goals in hours, pages, or books.

Set daily reminders to stay motivated and reach your reading goals

Use the powerful Bookly assistant to read more, get personalized reading recommendations, reminders, reports, and more.

Share your progress directly from the app.

Keep track of your books

Track and manage your entire physical and e-book library

Customize your own collections of books, such as "Wish List" or "Favorites"

Get book details by scanning the ISBN barcode or searching online directly in the app

Use iCloud to store and sync your books between devices

Never lose a book again, mark a book as loaned or on loan

if you want:

Read more books

Track your reading

Improve your reading speed

Develop a reading habit

Track your stats as you read

Enjoy reading

How to use Bookly

The Bookly app is free to download and use. No online account or registration required. To get started, simply scan the book's ISBN barcode or search online directly in the app and add it to your library. Then press the "Start" button on the timer. When you're done, stop the timer and enter the page you left off on as a bookmark.

Next, Bookly will generate a reading report divided by book/week/month, which includes reading speed, number of pages read, estimated completion time, etc.

When you finish reading a book, you can generate a stunning infographic and share it with your friends.

Enjoy reading!

Bookly: Book & Reading Tracker Info

  1. App Name: Bookly: Book & Reading Tracker
  2. App Size: 45.47 MB
  3. Category: Books & Reference
  4. Developers: Sc Twodoor Games Srl
  5. Current Version: v2.1.0
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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