Burning Sky: Aircraft Combat MOD APK v3.0.20 [Unlimited Money]

Burning Sky: Aircraft Combat
Updated Mon Jul 08 2024
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    Burning Sky: Aircraft Combat
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Burning Sky: Aircraft Combat
Burning Sky: Aircraft Combat


In Burning Sky: Aircraft Combat, players will become an eagle in the sky, fighting side by side with their comrades to fight for supremacy in the sky. Although the gameplay is not original, its ingenious combination of traditional gameplay and modern style will bring players the ultimate gaming experience. In each expedition, players can deploy a variety of support aircraft. As the levels advance, the game difficulty will continue to increase. In order to conquer these challenges, players need to be equipped with the most advanced warships.

Unlock the Secret of the Ship of Destruction

The huge aircraft library will provide a variety of drones to satisfy the player's driving experience. Before the battle begins, the player needs to make a decision on the aircraft. Each aircraft has unique abilities. Only by mastering these abilities can you exert the greatest power in battle. Elite escort forces will escort you. Players do not need to be discouraged. As the level increases, the player's abilities will be fully demonstrated and they will have more powerful aircraft.

Fierce peak showdown

The carefully crafted competition mode is full of passionate atmosphere and strong opponents. Players will compete on local and global leaderboards and must hone their skills day after day to consolidate their position. The entire competition process is presented on a vertical screen, so players can clearly observe the dynamics of their own fighters and opponents. The huge bullets and fighters are frightening, but players can turn the tide of the battle by matching massive ammunition and applying ability cards.

Improve control and observation skills

Known for its exquisite 3D graphics and diverse real-life actions, players will be immersed in a cruel world where many forces compete fiercely. Modern fighters are the main vehicles, and players need to demonstrate flexible control, smart strategies, and clever troop formations. The overwhelming rain of bullets will continue to pour down, affecting the player's performance and even reducing rewards. In this case, players must maintain tenacious resistance and repel the enemy's fierce offensive!

Fight alongside professional pilots

The journey is full of hardships, and players need to overcome challenges at every level. As the battle situation continues to escalate, players will face the baptism of dense barrages. Multiple skill combinations produce gorgeous attack formations, and players need to apply them to their own battles. Facing fierce and powerful enemies, players can rely on the assistance of escort personnel to continuously improve their strength. Generous rewards will be waiting for players to claim after the game!

Game Features

Unleash your flying skills and develop strategies in exciting air combat games.

Explore new stories, meet new opponents, and challenge yourself in more complex modes and more dangerous levels.

Become a great pilot, master aerial maneuvers, aim and control with precision.

Get various valuable rewards, make up for losses, win trophies and rise to the top of the leaderboard.

When facing powerful opponents, increase the difficulty of the level, upgrade the fighter, purchase new ammunition, and enhance the damage capability.

Burning Sky: Aircraft Combat Info

  1. App Name: Burning Sky: Aircraft Combat
  2. App Size: 56M
  3. Category: Arcade
  4. Developers: SHMUP Games
  5. Current Version: v3.0.20
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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