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Car Mechanic Simulator 21
Updated Sun Apr 21 2024
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    Car Mechanic Simulator 21
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Car Mechanic Simulator 21
Car Mechanic Simulator 21
Car Mechanic Simulator 21


Auto Mechanic Simulator 21 offers a challenging and exciting balance of gameplay. As a car repair shop mechanic, the only logical reason to own this game is to repair cars and other vehicles in the repair shop. Players will also experience damage to the engine itself and other critical components. This leads to people looking for high-quality replacement parts while their vehicles are still being repaired. Test driving a vehicle is the first step in identifying vehicle problems. Once complete, you'll see green lights showing important milestones in the diagnosis. Information about upcoming milestones is provided on the left side of the vehicle. Included is a list of vehicle problems, expressed in color and percentage. When a milestone is completed, drivers can quickly confirm their achievement with this information.

Breathe new life into previously used vehicles

When players start Auto Mechanic Simulator 21, they will notice an ugly-looking car being sent to the repair shop. The first thing the player wants to do is clean the outside of the car to make it look better. When repairing a damaged vehicle, you must first clean the affected area. Doing so can reveal paint damage and loss, as well as the necessary tools needed to deal with these issues. You'll know you've completed step one when the damage turns white. In the following stages, you have to replace it with parts of different durability levels. This makes the challenge more difficult because you can see a lot of internal details in different modes. When selecting components to display, be sure to consider damaged areas rather than intact areas. If no damaged areas are found, it is recommended to replace the damaged parts with a close substitute. Yellow parts indicate that the product requires repair. This is intended to simplify the process of locating and replacing damaged car parts. It separates all car components so that users can easily identify each part. If you don’t have replacements in your supply closet, invest in new parts. This will help you stay within your budget and purchase only necessary items.

Offers a wide selection of vehicles for testing

Auto Mechanic Simulator 21 requires players to complete a series of repairs before painting their car. Complete this final step to transform your old vehicle into a high-quality, eye-catching vehicle. Buying parts allows you to make more money by repairing your car and selling it for a higher price. There are many different vehicles that you can restore and make them look like new again.

The key features of the product range from its versatility, quality materials and ease of use

The different, fun bit is disassembling and reassembling vehicle parts. Damaged parts need to be replaced with new parts. In addition to various other car parts, the realistic car will also require belt tensioners, brake calipers, drum wheel cylinders, air filters and ABS modules. Inspect your vehicle's parts to identify any damaged components. New feature is repair order planning. Each day, players can complete three repair projects. After testing the car for 24 hours, you must fix any issues to receive rewards. You must complete the work in less time to comply. Any motor vehicle can be put on a test track to test for all kinds of automotive wear and tear, including damage to car parts.

Get to know Auto Mechanic Simulator 21 through rich descriptions

Auto Mechanic Simulator 21 is an Android-based simulation game developed by Digital Melody Games. The game is extremely popular on both console and PC versions - available on Steam and other PC platforms. Auto Mechanic Simulator 21 is a satisfying and addictive simulation game with many fans. The game is also available on smartphones via a dedicated app.

stories contained in metaphors

In Auto Mechanic Simulator 21, the protagonist is a prisoner imprisoned in a secret location. After waking up from a coma, he found himself in a dark room filled with the smell of oil and the sound of machinery. As part of a secret deal, he is required to work on the organization's cars for a period of time in exchange for his family's safety. Get the necessary tools and parts to repair and upgrade your car to perform at its best. Your job is to repair and upgrade the best performing cars.

Take on the role of a professional car mechanic

The story of Auto Mechanic Simulator 21 begins with a dramatic event; the game focuses on providing mechanical services and vehicle upgrades to customers. Mechanics take care of damaged cars through preventive maintenance, diagnosis, and repairs. They can replace parts or repair it if it doesn't work. When the machine shop opened, customers brought their cars in for repairs. A qualified mechanic will have no trouble understanding the technical aspects of Auto Mechanic Simulator 21. This game requires problem-solving skills as well as an understanding of car problems. Mechanics also need to find solutions to car problems. In a game called Auto Mechanic Simulator 21, when a fault is discovered, you need to inspect every part of the vehicle. Then locate the damaged spark plug and replace it.

How to repair a car in the game

In Auto Mechanic Simulator 21, players who are new to the auto repair industry can learn valuable auto repair skills. The professional workflow for this game starts with a request from the client. Next, use a diagnostic machine to quickly inspect the vehicle. You will then disassemble the parts to find the problematic part. Final repair or purchase new parts to replace, install and complete your job.

Car Mechanic Simulator 21 Info

  1. App Name: Car Mechanic Simulator 21
  2. App Size: 235M
  3. Category: SIMULATION
  4. Developers: Playway Sa
  5. Current Version: v2.1.123
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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