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Car Thief Simulator
Updated Thu Jun 13 2024
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    Car Thief Simulator
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Car Thief Simulator
Car Thief Simulator
Car Thief Simulator
Car Thief Simulator


Are you ready to step into the thrilling world of racing? Car Thief Simulator will immerse you in an intense and stealthy car theft experience.

Stunning visual effects, bursting with realism

Car Thief Simulator features razor-sharp, colorful graphics that bring players into an unprecedented real-life experience.

You'll experience the anxiety and fear of stealing a luxury car, and feel the breathtaking thrill of escaping a police car.

If you are bored with the mediocre life, this game will be a shot in the arm to awaken your passion.

Become a super thief

In the game, you will transform into a thief and perform a series of difficult tasks, including:

Stealing luxury cars

Stolen sports car parts

Hack into a supercar

Deliver the stolen goods to the designated location

Stealing is not an easy task, you must use extraordinary skills to escape from the police.

Experience the fear and anonymity brought by the game

"Car Thief Simulator" will bring you an unprecedented exciting experience.

You'll feel nervous, cunning, on edge as you steal items, panic when you're spotted by the police, and risk your life as you flee.

The game will stimulate your emotions one by one, bring you rich and complex feelings, and let you completely wake up from the boring life.

Demonstrate excellent escape skills

To escape the police, players need superb skills, a keen grasp of the situation, and clever strategies.

If you are caught, you must demonstrate your skilled driving skills, flexibly shuttle through difficulties, and even risk your life to escape from the police. These challenges require players to concentrate highly in order to overcome them one by one.

The chase is getting harder

If you think you've beaten a level, you're wrong. In Car Thief Simulator, the challenge never ends.

You will face increasing difficulties, so players need to constantly practice their sharp dodging skills and always maintain a strong fighting spirit to overcome difficulties.

Ignite your passion

If you think life is too dull, join Car Thief Simulator and awaken the passion in you.

This game will bring players a real and exciting experience that you can't achieve in real life. Players must become a witty and flexible thief and escape from the police.

Game Features at a Glance

With sharp and sophisticated graphics, it brings players a new and real experience.

Players must become a master thief and carry out tasks such as stealing luxury cars, stealing sports car parts, hacking into supercars and delivering them to designated destinations.

The anxiety and fear when stealing a car, as well as the thrill when being discovered by the police, will bring players an excellent gaming experience.

Players must demonstrate creativity, stealth, recklessness and agility to successfully steal items and escape from the police.

The difficulty of the game will continue to increase, so players must always stay vigilant and practice hard to successfully escape.

Car Thief Simulator Info

  1. App Name: Car Thief Simulator
  2. App Size: 210M
  3. Category: Simulation
  4. Developers: Shockwave Games
  5. Current Version: v1.8.4
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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