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Cat Demon Slayer
Updated Mon Apr 01 2024
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Cat Demon Slayer
Cat Demon Slayer
Cat Demon Slayer


During the Taisho era, a cat named "Nyojiro" lived in the mountains and enjoyed a carefree life. In an unexpected twist of fate, when he went to collect corn berries, he was ambushed by a cat beast that turned into a demon! Another encounter ensues, this time with a cat who turns into a cannibal!

Nyōjiro’s Courage and Wisdom

Faced with the powerful power of the demons, Nijiro bravely accepted the challenge, but he soon realized that he was powerless against these demons. At this critical moment, Nyōjiro's resourcefulness was revealed, and he cleverly discovered the "Girl Cat Group", an organization dedicated to confronting ghost cats.

The ingenious strategy of the pussy cat group

In the exciting game Cat Battle, players must strategically respond to various challenges. Nyōjiro's ingenuity is demonstrated when he cleverly reveals the existence of the "Girl Cat Group". This organization is dedicated to fighting ghost cats and has become the backbone of Nijiro's resistance to demon attacks.

Unite and collect to defeat Muna

Nyōjiro demonstrates great leadership by uniting many friends and collecting weapons. The game gradually unfolds as players join the mission to defeat "Muna", the source of demons. The battle to restore peace officially begins, delivering an immersive and action-packed experience.

Click to defeat the ghost cat threat

Embark on a challenging journey where the key to victory lies in defeating the ghost cat menace one by one! Participate in challenges and click through a series of demonic opponents that add to the excitement and tension of the game.

Give the cat the power of skills and weapons

Through strategic thinking, give the cat group various skills and weapons. As players gradually defeat many demons, the game gradually escalates, and finally ushered in the ultimate showdown with "Muna". Fight for the highest ranking and prove your strength in demon slaying!

The perfect monster slaying adventure

"Cat War" goes beyond the boundaries of simple games to provide players with a gripping experience. With elements such as "the clever strategy of the girl cat group", "unite and collect to defeat Muna", "click to defeat the ghost cat threat" and "empower the girl cat group with skills and weapons", the game promises to bring a perfect A monster slaying adventure, set in the Taizheng era. Get ready for this cat-led adventure filled with challenge, strategy, and the pursuit of peace!

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Advantages of Cat Demon Battle

The game "Cat Demon War" allows you to experience different and interesting ways of playing. It is easy to get started and players can freely challenge themselves to break through the game. In the game, you need to find clues to break through. The gameplay is very interesting and there are many laughable contents that allow players to have a good experience in the game. This casual mini-game will also be updated from time to time to provide players with more level challenges. Exquisite game graphics, bright colors, clear graphics, different casual game play modes! Play a relaxing and stress-relieving game that challenges your speed and skills! You can make good choices.

Cat Demon Slayer Info

  1. App Name: Cat Demon Slayer
  2. App Size: 69.01M
  3. Category: Casual
  4. Developers: pomme
  5. Current Version: v 1.0.1
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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