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Combat of CyberSphere: Online
Updated Sun Jun 23 2024
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    Combat of CyberSphere: Online
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Combat of CyberSphere: Online
Combat of CyberSphere: Online
Combat of CyberSphere: Online
Combat of CyberSphere: Online


Combat of CyberSphere: Online is an exciting action game that throws players into a fierce battle against alien invaders. Players will play as a brave warrior and fight side by side with their robot partners to protect the earth from the threat of alien forces.

Choose an indestructible lineup:

Creatures from alien planets have invaded Earth, and their goal is to conquer everything. Players must assemble a powerful team, including their own abilities and loyal robot partners. Through teamwork and strategic use, players will thwart the aliens' evil plans and take back lost territory.

Fight against aliens with powerful weapons:

In the online world, players can obtain a wide variety of arsenals to deal with the fierce alien attacks. From high-energy beam guns to devastating laser cannons, players will have powerful firepower to scare the aliens. Robot partners will provide solid shields to protect players from enemy attacks.

Fight till you never back down:

Players will go deep into the alien nest, perform a series of dangerous missions, obtain valuable rewards, and improve their abilities. Each battle is full of hardships and challenges, but players must persevere, unleash their potential, and make full use of various resources until they finally win.

Game Features:

Exciting action-adventure against alien invasion

Fight alongside a powerful robot companion

Use a diverse arsenal of high-tech weapons, including guns, laser cannons, and energy weapons

Improve your characters and robots through quests and upgrades

Explore diverse alien environments and uncover the game's secrets

Break the routine and open a new chapter:

Combat of CyberSphere: Online breaks the boundaries of traditional action games. Players can pilot spaceships and fight against aliens in fierce space battles. The game also provides real-time strategy elements, allowing players to command an army of robots in real time to respond to the ever-changing battlefield situation.

Combat of CyberSphere: Online Info

  1. App Name: Combat of CyberSphere: Online
  2. App Size: 67M
  3. Category: Action
  4. Developers: Kisunja - Fun Shooting Games
  5. Current Version: v2.82
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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