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Updated Sun Apr 07 2024
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Concepts is a drawing app that makes finishing an idea or starting a drawing a breeze. You can draw from scratch or from a reference image you add through the app. At the same time, the number of colors and brushes is very diverse and requires users to spend time learning. The app also supports many different formats, and you can choose which format to export your work to.

If you're looking for a tool to help you refine your creative ideas, then you can't ignore Concepts. This application offers a variety of features to help you with drawing, and you should definitely take the time to explore its full potential. At the same time, there are many ways to draw impressive images, such as drawings you like or using real images as reference.

Start your drawing process with helpful adjustments

When you start using Concepts, you'll want to pay attention to the artboard scale element, which can help you determine the size of the piece you're about to draw. If it's not the default setting, its size will be unlimited and you can draw whatever you want. You can also see some recommendations of different sizes, such as 1080p, A4, etc., for you to choose from. Once the selection process is complete, you can begin your creative process.

Using the app’s color palette

One feature that will impress you when using Concepts is a color palette to make some adjustments. You can easily touch and adjust it according to your wishes conveniently, you should not ignore this palette. A slight swipe will change the color palette and you'll see more colors with different shades and properties. You are free to choose the colors you want to use to draw the image.

Diverse brush system you can’t ignore

When entering a drawing application like Concepts, the number of brushes is certainly a factor that cannot be ignored. You'll have a variety of options, each of which will offer a different number of strokes that will suit your idea in some cases. So, your job is to think about and use different brush strokes to create impressive images, and over time you will gain experience using these brushes.

Use multiple layers when drawing

One feature that any user needs is the ability to add different layers to build up an image. You can use multiple layers at the same time, which is definitely a positive consequence for complex images. Specifically, you can select a layer, start painting some details, and then continue on other layers. If you want to change details in one layer, it won't affect the other layers.

Set and perform finger actions

There's a lot you can do when you use the swipes and taps of your fingers to interact with elements of your photos. You are free to move the image however you want and set more actions and perform many other operations. Specifically, the app will provide a list of actions you can perform with two fingers, three fingers, etc. You'll develop habits and perform functions faster.

Export different types of formats

When you export a drawing to a specific file, one thing to note is the wide range of format choices. In addition to common formats such as PDF and JPG, you can also learn about many new formats such as SVG, DXXF, PSD, and more. If you regularly use a lot of editing software, you can also check out the information that comes with those formats, which will tell you which formats are suitable for use with those applications.

Users will spend time exploring the app’s various features:

- Users can think and realize their creative ideas, using the many features in the application or referencing from any image.

- They can choose the size of the piece they want to draw, experience the app's default large space, and unleash their creativity.

- A palette with many different tones and properties is waiting for you, suitable brushes to complete many works.

- The app allows you to interact with photo-related elements that you draw and perform additional actions by following the app's suggested list.

- Users can find many formats to export their work, and the app adds app-applicable information related to each format.

Concepts Info

  1. App Name: Concepts
  2. App Size: 173 MB
  3. Category: Art & Design
  4. Developers: TopHatch
  5. Current Version: v2024.04.3
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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