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Cooking Live - Cooking games
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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    Cooking Live - Cooking games
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Cooking Live - Cooking games
Cooking Live - Cooking games
Cooking Live - Cooking games


"Cooking Life" is a mobile game with unique creativity. Players will take over a crumbling restaurant and rebuild it from scratch. They can use their imagination to create the decoration they want, making the process of creating a brilliant restaurant very diverse. Due to the development of the game story, many new and exciting professions will also be displayed one after another.

A high-paced cooking game with an exciting atmosphere

Players have had to deal with insatiable time management demands ever since. The speed and complexity of cooking quickly increases, coupled with stressful gameplay and lines of hungry customers. Every action and decision counts - from flipping burgers to washing dishes, completing each level requires careful consideration. Many obstacles also impede the player's progress, requiring them to cleverly navigate around or traverse them.

Transform your restaurant with updates that add new features

Players who upgrade their cooking settings can increase the number of meals they can cook at once and unlock new content. Extra content includes unlocking additional dishes and reducing cooking times. Upgrades also change the atmosphere or environment inside the kitchen, improving the player's performance when interacting with a sudden influx of customers.

New story data and progression can be unlocked later

There are many aspects of Cooking Life's plot that are crucial to the game, including addressing emotional issues. Through these episodes, players can turn enemies into allies and work together to achieve goals, despite possible differences. The plot is also linked to various activities, helping to enhance immersion. Unique situations lead to different interactions between characters, further expanding the potential of the plot.

Make your restaurant famous by blogging

Players can earn a good reputation for their restaurant by interacting with bloggers. This may lead to them sharing the best dishes they personally designed. Bloggers have a lot of potential for growth; they can even create many events or activities for their restaurant with careful investment. On the other hand, they can also connect with other people and experience a more real world. In the game Cooking Life, players can experience the intense and challenging life of a chef with many potential obstacles. From there, they can redecorate the restaurant and add new components to help tell the story. Players can also build a stronger reputation and attract more customers. Other potential obstacles not seen in regular life include the gradual introduction of an element of surprise. This promises to change every aspect of the game over time.

You can download a Cooking Life mod that lets you design a restaurant and cook recipes

The game appeals to cooks and design lovers. You'll meet Jane, a food blogger who needs you to help her friend Leah regain her cooking skills and inspiration for running her business. Of course, as the first job, preparing delicious meals for customers becomes crucial. This allows you to earn valuable rewards and use them to redesign your restaurant. You can choose some tasks from choosing a wallpaper design or cleaning the dining room. In order to provide a high-quality, luxurious dining experience, restaurants need to complete tasks to obtain the appropriate items. Updating kitchen equipment can speed up serving customers. The game's unique look lends itself to other titles.

The game has an engaging interface

When the kitchen first appeared in the game, simple kitchen appliances were added. This includes pans, stoves, and orange juicers. As the kitchen was upgraded, additional features were added to make it a great place to cook. Every customer who enters the restaurant rewards the restaurant owner with gold stars and lots of food. These can be used to improve the restaurant and make it a popular place to eat. Clearing out the clutter and cleaning the floors in your restaurant is a small step toward rebuilding. After that, work required changing the wall design, creating the ceiling and choosing wallpaper. Players can use diamonds and gold to improve kitchen utensils, speeding up frying pan preparation or squeezing orange juice. By increasing processing speed, these tasks can be completed faster for more coins.

Unlock multiple locations

For a restaurant to be attractive enough, it needs more than just a kitchen and seats.

Through colorful storylines and exciting gameplay, "Cooking Life" will let you feel the intense and exciting life of a chef. As the game gradually upgrades, this effect will continue to strengthen. Transform the restaurant into a fantastic, exotic place that encourages customers to enjoy their experience. The storyline becomes richer with more dialogue options, or new features of the plot are unlocked by interacting with other characters. Work hard to earn extra stars or money to buy new tools or unlock new advancements. Doing so will make you a glorious chef with global acclaim. To enhance your restaurant website's reputation, take a trip through your blog and add reviews for menu items.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this game, please send an email to [email protected]. We take all emails very seriously! Good luck and have fun! Matryoshka Games Team.

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