Craftheim MOD APK v3.0.4 [unlimited coins/wood]

Updated Thu Jun 27 2024
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Craftheim is an addictive mobile game that transports you to an isolated world of remote islands, where your daily task is to chop down trees and use the wood to build your own world.

Build a base on the island

In this lonely world, you are the only island inhabitant besides you. With a sharp axe, complete the wood gathering mission set by "Craftheim".

You need to explore to choose an area to cut wood. Once you find a path leading to the forest, start cutting and collecting wood. Each time you leave, you can only bring back a certain amount of wood. When your backpack is full, return and start building a house.

The developers did not limit the players to this narrow space. By cutting down trees, you can unlock the way to other islands. But you need to reach the pre-set amount of wood. Build sturdy bridges to connect the islands to form a unique system. As the land expands, you can explore more areas and own more land.

Build a team

In Craftheim, construction and logging can help you expand your career, but not all construction is done by yourself. To this end, you can form a small team to work for your base. They will live in the workshop on the main island.

Every day, according to the tasks you assign, this team will go to other islands to collect wood. Players only need to collect them and do the construction work. They can do a great job even if you are not online! If you continue to upgrade the workers' workshops with gold coins and wood, they will become more effective. Each wave will produce more efficient men.

Unlock items and coins

The system provides a series of axes and saws with varying degrees of sharpness for you to cut wood. However, you need to spend a lot of gold coins to unlock them. Accumulate gold coins and immediately have the most powerful axe collection. A small folder in the upper right corner of the screen will record the amount of gold coins you have accumulated so far and the amount of wood you have. A small reminder will prompt you the next upgrade task!

As for finding extra gold in side quests and activities in Craftheim, we have a secret for you. Head to the Exchange and sell the wood products you obtain to other players. You will receive countless gold coins that can be used for shopping. It should be noted that there is a limited amount of wood on the island, and you need to strike a balance between logging and trading!

Start collecting and building

Craftheim brings exciting logging activities for building houses, players can use axes and saws to shorten the time of logging. Once you reach the designated level, you can build any structure on the island. This base will continue to expand, you can build locks and build stronger bridges to transport wood for the next batch of buildings. Developing your island has never been easier; come and try it out and leave your comments!

Craftheim Info

  1. App Name: Craftheim
  2. App Size: 48M
  3. Category: Simulation
  4. Developers: CASUAL AZUR GAMES
  5. Current Version: v3.0.4
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

How to Download?

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  5. Enjoy!

How to Allow Unknown Sources?

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