Dan the Man: Action Platformer MOD APK v1.11.70 [Unlimited money]

Dan the Man: Action Platformer
Updated Wed Jul 03 2024
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    Dan the Man: Action Platformer
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    93.58 MB


Dan the Man: Action Platformer
Dan the Man: Action Platformer
Dan the Man: Action Platformer


Join the Dan the Man: Action Platformer event, become a member, win dazzling golden skins, and become the focus of the battlefield.

2D platform action game

It is a classic 2D platform action game. You will play the protagonist and move left and right on a two-dimensional plane and use weapons through limited button operations.

Fighting against a strong enemy

In the game, you will face all kinds of enemies, switch scenes flexibly, take advantage of terrain, flexibly use weapons and bare-handed attacks, and fight wits and courage with powerful enemies. There are also special BOSSes in the game, they have unique skills, allowing you to constantly challenge yourself during the adventure.

Multiplayer Mode

In addition to single-player mode, you can also join multiplayer mode to fight against other players, fight off threats together, collect coins, and try to survive to the end.

Upgrade to enhance strength

In the game, you can get gold coins by defeating enemies or destroying items. You can use these gold coins to buy weapons, healing items, skins and upgrades in the store to improve your character's abilities and help you on your journey.

Character introduction

Dan is the protagonist, a brave and fearless soldier who embarks on a dangerous adventure in search of his kidnapped girlfriend Josie.


There are 12 story mode levels in total, set in a world full of fantasy elements. The game includes many side quests that allow you to delve into the backstory of Dan and this world. You can also play as Josie or Barry Stickflash and experience the game from a third-person perspective.


The game uses a classic arcade game controller, including 5 buttons: jump, left, right, attack and shoot. The combination of attack and jump can release powerful combos and cause high damage.


Players can improve their characters' combat effectiveness by upgrading, purchase armor and weapons, and learn new skills.


The game adopts 8-bit 2D pixel style, which is reminiscent of classic Mario games. Each scene of the game has a unique scenery and a variety of enemies such as ninjas, robots, etc. The characters are vivid and interesting, and very visually attractive.

Dan the Man: Action Platformer Info

  1. App Name: Dan the Man: Action Platformer
  2. App Size: 93.58 MB
  3. Category: Arcade
  4. Developers: Halfbrick Studios
  5. Current Version: v1.11.70
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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