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Demolition Derby 2
Updated Fri May 10 2024
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Demolition Derby 2
Demolition Derby 2
Demolition Derby 2

The first game in the series, Demolition Derby 2, delivers a bustling atmosphere and a fun-filled tense pace. This allows everyone to fully immerse themselves in the gaming experience. Players also have the option to use high-performance cars to create moments of mayhem in several different game modes. Additional environmental elements and game mechanics promise an even more ecstatic experience for everyone involved.

Give racing games a more realistic feel and provide a variety of different game modes

Everyone enjoys playing different game modes as they all revolve around racing. Some modes include open world driving and derby, where players destroy and collide with each other. The other modes are fun, but most people choose to play Derby again.

Chaotic Derby mode where violence reigns supreme

Racing mode is an ideal choice when looking for a new challenge in Demolition Derby 2. Because it challenges players to pay attention to their surroundings and make impromptu decisions. This is because players forget their main goal of destroying cars and instead focus on destroying each other's vehicles. Sub-modes make this even more fun, by creating extra chaos while still providing a refreshing change of pace.

Use resources and surroundings to a useful advantage

Random events and special environmental effects in the game add extra flexibility to the game. Players can use random items at unpredictable times, making the game more challenging for other players. Additional vehicle modifications come from randomly picking up items. This means that even if other players pick up the correct item, they may still fail.

Add friends to specific game events to increase difficulty

Demolition Derby 2's challenge events offer ridiculous events that automatically select a vehicle that's friendly to the participant. These cars are often of poor quality and unbalanced, but skilled competitors can benefit greatly from learning how to master them. Several of the game's challenges introduce new maps that are not accessible in the traditional single-player game. Players can also create moral sub-challenges to compete against each other.

Customize colorful car covers for your vehicle

The integration of smartphones into gaming gives it even more depth. Players can personalize their vehicles and enjoy the challenge of recreating them. New vehicles will appear under certain circumstances and are valuable discoveries for players. These vehicles have potential capabilities when racing; they will not appear in every game. People love playing Demolition Derby 2 because it is a racing game with an active and chaotic atmosphere. The content is as creative as it is ridiculous, making it unforgettable for every family.

Extra features on consoles

Evoking the essence of racing and delivering fun and chaotic gameplay is what drives players. The game features a variety of game modes with exclusive content. There's also a racing mode not found in any other video game. Work together with teammates to earn even more rewards while destroying cars in the park. and then commit the most violent acts against others. Help players enjoy the game more by adding humorous random objects to the game while driving other players crazy with interesting reasons for using objects. Players can make their vehicles unique with a variety of customization options, driving them in different environments or game modes to maximize the damage they can do.


"Demolition Derby 2" launched by Beer Money Games is a work under the company's brand. The company makes a number of racing games, and Demolition Derby 2 is currently in development. The next version fixes some minor bugs from the previous version. This version of the game offers more features suitable for use on consoles. These improvements make the game better for everyone.


The goal of the game in Demolition Derby 2 is to be the first player to score. This is a speed competitive sports game for everyone. The game is easy to get started, and players who like high-speed sports can easily get started. The race track is not long, so focus on the race while playing the game. Through the help of the game, players can adjust various details of the car, including laps, maps, opponents, and more. This way, the game can accommodate up to nine AI racers. The game supports three control modes, including autopilot, manual override, and simultaneous use of both. A maximum of 10 laps can be completed in each race, with a maximum of 1 to 10 laps. Each race will be run over a distance of 0.5 kilometers; additional laps will increase the rewards. On-screen keys can be moved by turning the steering wheel or touching the screen. Alternatively, you can use the on-screen "right" and "left" virtual keys. Reposition or otherwise change game function keys through touch input or by tilting the phone in the direction of desired movement.

A death race is a race in which participants run

The competition in Demolition Derby 2 is fierce. The game design is simple, but winning the game is not easy. This is because the game's artificial intelligence resembles that of track opponents. Since they are proven to be experienced players, these AIs always try to overtake you as quickly as possible while making as few mistakes as possible. This racing death match is a highly competitive event that attracts many players who want to challenge themselves.

Features of Demolition Derby 2

Need root access? :no

Need a license? :no

Mod information:

Unlimited money for free Get coins for free Buy cars for free Unlock all colors Installation steps:

1) Download the APK file on the website.

2) Install and enjoy.

- Car breaking competition

- Tournament of Destruction

- Open world driving

- Upgrade and customize vehicles

- Crush and kill your opponents to get to the top in this fun and exciting destruction game inspired by Car Destroy Races and Destruction Arena competitions around the world.

See the huge success of Demolition Derby created by Beer Money Games from Circuit.

We hope to keep adding new features to the game. In fact, we started adding so many features that it turned into a whole new game!

Demolition Derby 2 Info

  1. App Name: Demolition Derby 2
  2. App Size: 115M
  3. Category: RACING
  4. Developers: Beer Money Games
  5. Current Version: v1.7.12
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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