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Dino Bash
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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Dino Bash
Dino Bash
Dino Bash

Dino Siege is a strategy game where players must summon dinosaurs to fend off cavemen who are marching on important dinosaur eggs. You will collect many dinosaurs in your team and make full use of their abilities. You can also support them from the outside with powerful attacks. Never forget to upgrade the powers you have.

Exciting confrontations with cavemen

In "Dinosaur Siege", players will be placed in the context of prehistoric times, where two species, dinosaurs and cavemen, coexisted. One day, the wisest people of the dinosaur family found their important chosen one, but unfortunately, the cavemen began to attack. Their goal is to seize this important dinosaur egg, but of course, the dinosaurs will never let them succeed. From then on, the warriors of the two races will constantly attack each other.

There is currently a Christmas event taking place in the game, and you must not ignore what is happening in it. The event will last until December 26th, and many players will receive impressive rewards. Specifically, you don't need to worry about the limited number of lives you need to overcome many challenges, as they become infinite as the campaign progresses. The rewards for each level have been increased, and playing it will make you feel the Christmas atmosphere.

Exciting battles with cavemen

In Dino Siege, you'll take on the exciting mission of protecting dinosaur eggs, and you won't be alone, other dinosaurs will help you. You'll first bring Snappy, the dinosaur, into your party, and you'll need an apple to summon it. At the same time, apples can be regarded as an energy source, allowing you to summon other dinosaurs. After you use a certain amount, the apples will continue to increase for you to use.

Each dinosaur has exciting characteristics and forms that make it engaging the first time you experience it. Specifically, dinosaurs have attack characteristics, health points, and a suitable position on the battlefield. For example, Spitty is a ranged dinosaur that is an effective solution against spear-wielding enemies on the caveman's side. It has powerful attacks but relatively weak health, requiring other dinosaurs to protect it from direct confrontation with enemies.

In addition to the dino powers you have at your disposal, you certainly can't overlook the ability to provide support to your teammates. Specifically, on the right side of the screen, there are various attacks such as throwing rocks, bombs, and many other types to knock down enemies when your group of dinosaurs is already weakened.

Upgrade your dinosaurs and attack power to defeat your enemies

When you complete a level in Dino Siege, you can't ignore the rewards it brings. Sometimes it will help you unlock new dinosaurs and attacks to fight stronger enemies. As you earn money in levels, you can of course upgrade their powers. If you want to own a dinosaur but don't want to wait for the corresponding level, you can use diamonds.

The game leads players into a dizzying battle with the following elements not to be missed:

- The important Chosen Egg of the dinosaur clan will appear and you need to protect it from the caveman invasion.

- You will use the number of apples you have to summon powerful dinosaurs, making you feel like you are back in the Jurassic era.

- You will find various dinosaurs with powerful attack power and suitable battlefield positions that you need to pay attention to.

- The player is not only a spectator, but also a real-time supporter with various effects.

- You can upgrade the powers you have to overcome many levels and don't miss the Christmas event with many pleasant rewards.

Dino Bash Info

  1. App Name: Dino Bash
  2. App Size: 72M
  3. Category: Strategy
  4. Developers: Tilting Point
  5. Current Version: v1.9.8
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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