Drift Max - Car Racing MOD APK v11.6 [Unlimited money]

Drift Max - Car Racing
Updated Sun Mar 24 2024
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    Drift Max - Car Racing
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Drift Max - Car Racing
Drift Max - Car Racing
Drift Max - Car Racing


The graphics displayed in Drift Extreme are a wonderful amalgamation of many images, with a wide range of unique colors. Every element is carefully drawn and designed to be incredibly realistic, giving players the illusion of a real experience. The car design is modern and eye-catching.

When choosing a vehicle, you can choose from over 20 different models. The game lets players experience over 20 different vehicle designs, each with unique branding and features, helping players create an unforgettable experience. In this journey of speed, you have the freedom to choose your vehicle. Carefully research each vehicle's features and speed before choosing. The next step is to choose a supercar and let it race with you.

Allows me to modify, upgrade and customize my car

You can change the paint color of your vehicle at will. Doing so can make your vehicle more unique and attractive, as well as upgrade it with some advanced features. Consider replacing some parts of your vehicle to make it even more gorgeous. Currently you have 25 colors to choose from. When building your vehicle, choose your favorite design. Your creation should reflect your personal taste and inspire others to be impressed by your supercar.

Experience the 12 best events

You and other racers have to overcome many obstacles on the track. There are various options available to you to decide how you want to approach the race, such as city areas, deserts, or roller coasters. Other locations you haven't encountered yet include industrial spaces and other areas.

Sports car performance studies

In Drift Extreme, the modern control system makes players feel comfortable and relaxed. With the touch-sensitive steering wheel, you can easily master the game's operating skills. If you've played any racing video games before, this one will seem much simpler. You just need patience and some experience with racing games. Players need determination and perseverance. They must understand the importance of completing their goals, not giving up and fighting to the end against many different opponents, no matter what difficulties they face. Playing this game, mastering new racing tactics and feeling relaxed and happy is an extremely positive experience. Participation in this game improves players' ability to handle stress and fatigue.

Amazing track experience

When starting Drift Extreme, players will be greeted by a spectacular piece of music. After overcoming a series of challenges with vehicles, they enter a new stage of the game. This second part contains different challenges and environments that the player must travel through. Each location has its own unique characteristics and provides a unique sense of satisfaction when completing difficult moves. Adding brake and accelerator pedals to the car makes it easier for players to control it. This is because the game revolves around drifting, requiring players to perform impressive stunts in exchange for payment. When engaging in these driving mechanics, players need to split controls. In this game, the player uses a third-person perspective to observe the movement of the vehicle, unlike other games where the player can only observe the vehicle from a fixed angle. To adjust the perspective, press the Change Perspective button, which will allow players to view the vehicle from different angles. It comes down to their personal preference when looking at this vehicle. They can play the game and drive the car as they wish, which is crucial to victory in the game.

Amazing drifting skills

The "Drift Extreme" racing game shows players impressive racing graphics. The game also includes parameters related to racing, which players can quickly notice. At the beginning of the game the player is given a car as part of level one. Players will at the same time think of the unique differences of this game from other similar games. The game doesn't emphasize finishing the race quickly, but rather making the widest possible turns. To perform a continuous drift scene, simply drive while drifting around the circle or back and forth between the start and finish lines. You don’t have to worry about damage to vehicle parts, you can do this at any time. Continuous combinations must be maintained to be considered valid. High scores are determined by performance and the amount of damage done, as well as the number of combos completed. In this game, you need to master the various problems presented by the terrain and deal with them quickly and efficiently. You'll need to deal with various drift-related issues while avoiding the cluttered edges of the screen. The game requires skilled players, who must understand how to solve problems while maintaining motivation. As time goes on, your score and the amount of money you earn will increase, making this a game you almost don't want to miss.

You can experience many different environments with this card

"Drift Extreme" racing features

Drift Extreme Mod Game is a racing game with unlimited coins. In this mod game you can get unlimited coins for free. You are free to buy all cars on the store. With this mod game you will enjoy the game with ease. Log in to social account, does not support online games or offline games, no Root required, no license required. Installation steps: 1. Download the APK file on happymod.com; 2. Install and enjoy the game. Also read COC MOD. Mod information includes unlimited money and unlimited coins as well as private servers. Happy Mode Download: It's time to leave your drift marks on the asphalt. Keep your thumb on the gas pedal and drift around 12 realistic tracks with high-performance racing cars. Download the best free drift racing game. Features: Realistic 3D graphics with 20 amazing drift cars including the angry Sahin, American muscle cars, European sports cars and the legendary Japanese drift machine; Car customization and modification, paint your car with 25 different colors; Use Various stickers and rims for machine customization; 12 amazing tracks: asphalt, winter, desert, industrial, city center, village, roller coaster, tunnel, mountains, twisty tracks, city highways, beautiful skylines; advanced cars Controls including touch or tilt steering wheel options including handbrake; different camera angles, new in-car racing camera; grab the steering wheel and start drifting; edge drift to show off your drifting skills, drive close to walls and earn more Coins; Coin system, earn coins by doing drift scores, edge drifts or earning time bonuses in-game; Leaderboards, for each track, compete with your friends and other users around the world to reach the top; Detailed graphics set up. Tokyo Drift lovers, speed up and keep drifting. Drift Extreme is the king of drift, one of the legends of drift games. This is one of the best vehicle drifting games. The drift continues in 2018. Don't forget: if you uninstall the game, your coins and purchased items will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Follow us.

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  1. App Name: Drift Max - Car Racing
  2. App Size: 90.75 MB
  3. Category: Racing
  4. Developers: Tiramisu
  5. Current Version: v11.6
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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