Energy Ring: Universal Edition MOD APK v6.2 [Unlocked]

Energy Ring: Universal Edition
Updated Fri Mar 29 2024
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    Energy Ring: Universal Edition
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Energy Ring: Universal Edition
Energy Ring: Universal Edition


This app shows the device's battery life and the amount of energy remaining. It also displays an energy ring, giving the user the option to instantly display the energy level of the device. This ring lights up any camera it comes into contact with, and it also creates a unique halo around anything it comes into contact with.

Battery capacity can be displayed on its icon

The app displays the device's battery strength, showing green when the battery is at a safe level and red when it's below warning levels. The color of the display changes depending on how much battery power is left in the device.

Change the color of your device

Users have the freedom to mix multiple colors and choose the right one. This appears as a color palette associated with the energy ring. Users can manually choose between any color to make their wallpaper stand out.

Change the angle of an image

The application lets users manually select the style of image rotation. Different styles are provided for users to choose from, with the option of clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. Manual manipulation can change the appearance of the image.

Adjust thickness to suit your preference

Energy rings can be adjusted in thickness and length to fit your needs, or you can choose from a variety of custom sizes. Many devices require specific sizes, so you can choose the size that suits your needs.

Some game features can be found in the game

Match the ring's thickness variations to the size and shape of your device, and add new colors to update our energy rings and keep us energized. Choose to change direction clockwise or counterclockwise, or choose to toggle the change. This icon indicates the current battery charge level, and when its color changes, it indicates that the battery is in a different state. It hides or shows content based on what meets your needs and is limited to a specific time frame.

Features of energy ring universal version

The Power Ring is limited to the Samsung Galaxy A51, A71 and Z Flip. Similar apps for other devices include: Galaxy S20Ultra5G, Galaxy S10e5G, Galaxy Note105G, Energy Bar, S8S9S10 curved version of Energy Bar, Note89 curved version of Energy Bar. Configurable energy ring surrounds camera to indicate current battery level. Through various configuration options, users can not only quickly view battery information, but also add color to the phone's camera lens. When the battery is full, the energy ring will become a 360-degree wrap around the front camera lens. When the battery is consumed, the curvature of the energy ring will decrease accordingly. The energy ring features a variety of cool animations that appear whenever power is connected. The energy ring places almost no load on the CPU because it only wakes up when the battery level changes. The direction of the energy ring can be configured as clockwise, bidirectional, or counterclockwise. Energy rings can be hidden in full-screen content apps, videos, images, games, and more. The energy ring can automatically change colors based on real-time battery power. Energy rings can be styled as single colors, multi-color segments, gradients, etc. You can specify any color in the world for your preferred configuration. When the phone is plugged in, the energy ring will display a variety of cool animations. The most important question is, does the energy ring drain the battery? Energy Ring understands that you need to use your battery efficiently, which is why you installed the app. When you are not using your phone, Energy Ring puts almost no load on the CPU. Android will only wake up the energy ring when the battery level changes. The Energy Ring goes into deep sleep when the screen is off, which means it won't even read changes in battery levels while the screen is off. Accessibility service requirements, Android needs to run the energy ring as an accessibility service in order to be displayed on the lock screen, it will not read or monitor any data. This is especially useful for those who have difficulty reading numbers and prefer visual data. Screen Burn, the original variant of this app on AMOLED devices has been used by users for several years without complaints. No one is claiming that this won't happen. Reactivate after exiting battery saver mode. If you enter battery saver mode, the system will turn off the energy ring and in order to reactivate, you must restart the device. Samsung automatically moves a few pixels at any time to avoid screen burn, which involves the energy ring moving from its original position. This change is only visible when the thickness is set to minimum.

The mobile app comes with a variety of features that help users better manage their device's battery life and personalize their device's appearance. By changing the shape, color and size of the energy ring, users can add a unique style to their device. At the same time, the app also features smart power saving features that provide real-time battery information without affecting device performance. Its accessibility service requirements also provide a more convenient experience for some users.

Energy Ring: Universal Edition Info

  1. App Name: Energy Ring: Universal Edition
  2. App Size: 21.37 MB
  3. Category: Personalization
  4. Developers: Ijp
  5. Current Version: v6.2
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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