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Event Horizon Space RPG
Updated Tue Mar 26 2024
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Event Horizon Space RPG
Event Horizon Space RPG
Event Horizon Space RPG
Event Horizon Space RPG


"Cosmic Horizon" is an immersive space RPG game where players will be completely immersed in busy activities, with excellent controls, progress expansion and other features. The game includes minor changes to personal progression, and players will gain new powers as they conquer space and expand their empire. Above all, the experience of fighting in a spaceship is the essence of the game, promising every player some of the most exciting emotions in this genre.

Build a powerful space empire and expand

The most important thing in a Cosmic Horizon player's career is to build a cosmic empire and start conquering countless planets or stars. To do this, they must start with the foundation the empire needs and then continually expand or upgrade every detail for optimal performance. Over time, players' progress or expansion of their empire will grant them new abilities and discoveries, ranging from military might to more.

Build powerful and creative ships for combat

After owning the empire, the player must prepare a simple spaceship to complete missions or attack the smallest and most potential targets. The process of building a spaceship is completely free and creative, but requires the necessary components for space travel or interstellar combat. In the future, they can further expand the construction of spaceships or overall strength, and launch the most classic large-scale battles, full of excitement.

Unique controls and high-speed shooting elements

Almost all player's spaceships are cruisers and are modest in size, but have great speed and maneuverability in combat. "Cosmic Horizon" uses a high-speed and low-range combat mechanism to stimulate everyone's senses when facing the most dangerous situations. The high-speed arcade action elements are a unique part of letting people understand the power of a spaceship or come up with new plans to deal with enemies.

Win every battle and win great rewards

The rewards for each battle have huge potential and value, and players can develop many detailed elements before preparing to launch a new crusade to other stars. After completing the occupation of a new area, they can replenish their forces and lead new attacks once supplies are completed. During this period, rewards are mainly new combat equipment, upgraded resources and other details that make the empire stronger before facing new enemies.

Explore new stars and galaxies for pure entertainment

One of the major limitations of player empires is that they must establish connections between stars and re-establish infrastructure as they travel through new systems. This makes Cosmic Horizon endless, and there are even secrets about galaxies for people to actively fight or work hard to conquer. The many changes in the stars are also impressive, and there are always new enemy types to stimulate the player's tactical abilities to fight in various galaxies.

Unlock new ship talents and achieve powerful advancements

As players continue to conquer new territories, they will gain technological impulses and new knowledge to increase the power of their empire. This also includes unlocking new talents for each spaceship to maximize combat performance or trigger specific effects during combat. Many talents have stimulating uses, allowing players to develop new talent-compatible strategies to achieve optimal performance when conquering the stars.

Cosmic Horizon has many simple elements visually, but its gameplay, content, and systems are deep and exciting. Players can build an empire across the galaxy, explore new areas of space, conduct research, and launch glorious crusades to make the empire even more powerful.

Event Horizon Space RPG Info

  1. App Name: Event Horizon Space RPG
  2. App Size: 48M
  3. Category: Action
  4. Developers: Pavel Zinchenko
  5. Current Version: v1.11.0
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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