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Farm Town
Updated Sun Apr 07 2024
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Farm Town
Farm Town
Farm Town
Farm Town

Farmville is a farming game where players take over a grandparent's farm and develop it in a variety of ways. In the game, you can unlock new equipment and machines, produce many necessary items, and satisfy the needs of the town. There are also exciting activities in the game to participate in and earn impressive rewards. You will spend your time completing tasks in the game.

Dazzling cities and new elements

In the beautiful town of "Farm Town", you will play the grandson of two farmers. Of course, since the owner is old, you will be the next one to take over the farm. You'll start with the first simple harvesting operation in this game and spend time unlocking more interesting stuff. From that point on, you'll see the farm change as you introduce new elements, and the environment in the game isn't just limited to the farm.

The farm is located in a small town, and you can swipe across the screen to travel to another part of town. The characters in the game need to cross a bridge when passing there, and at that time, you will see new elements within this town. Specifically, you can find a circus where performers are rehearsing, and you can help them by filling wooden boxes with items you have. From there, you can exchange items you think you'll need for future upgrades.

Produce all kinds of new things

In "Farm Town", the first job you have to do is farming. You can quickly harvest the rice and continue to plant the seeds you want. All activities need to be done carefully without over-focusing on a single activity. After reaching a certain level, you'll unlock machines to produce products made from the produce you grow. The buildings on the farm are all related to each other.

You can grow various crops, raise poultry, and easily produce your desired products. You can create food for the animals raised on your farm, or craft food from produce such as bread. From there, you can make money from the produce and products you grow. With the actions performed, your experience will increase and you will gain new plants and equipment in the game, with exciting uses.

Complete tasks to earn coins

In Farmville, players will always find a system of quests to complete, but for the most part, players will be trying to complete them. One of the reasons is the experience and red diamonds you gain. Diamonds in the game are usually a rare resource that can quickly increase your output. You will only have access to a limited amount of this resource.

Apart from quests, there are many ways to make money in this game, which is a need you can fulfill. In the game, you'll typically see two types of requests: requests made by farm characters or things posted on bulletin boards. You'll learn about the rewards and requirements for these requests and can consider completing them. Bulletin boards tend to have more requests than another type of request.

Farm Town Info

  1. App Name: Farm Town
  2. App Size: 140M
  3. Category: Casual
  4. Developers: foranj - farm day games & paradise township hotels
  5. Current Version: v4.15
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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