Flowx: Weather Map Forecast MOD APK v3.412 [Unlocked]

Flowx: Weather Map Forecast
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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    Flowx: Weather Map Forecast
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    13.43 MB


Flowx: Weather Map Forecast
Flowx: Weather Map Forecast
Flowx: Weather Map Forecast


Flowx is an application that brings together weather information and map functions, aiming to help users easily understand and interact with weather-related data. One of the most prominent features of the app is its map feature, which allows users to track weather changes and view real-time data through interactive tools. Users can browse different weather conditions around the world by sliding and tapping the map, and can also analyze the weather effects represented by different colors on the map.

Diverse map types and rich information

Flowx includes a variety of phenomenon screens, highlighted by the blue wave map, which shows the specific color of the wind direction on the map to help users better plan various event venues. Users regard charts as an important part of the application. They show weather trends in the next few days and make it easier for users to understand weather trends. By creating widgets on the home screen, users can visually view data and understand useful weather trends.

Flowx: smart weather planning

Before traveling, users can use the Flowx app to predict weather conditions to ensure that all plans go smoothly, no matter where you are. App users can easily create schedules, monitor weather warnings, and view real-time dynamic maps. Flowx also provides a radar camera function, which allows users to capture radar information and display it on a convenient map, helping users to observe current weather conditions and their direction in a timely manner. By comparing current data and models through the app, users can derive accurate interpretations, better plan their trips, and rely on Flowx to provide you with the most accurate weather information and planning resources.

Elegant design and great functionality

The design of Flowx is simple and exquisite, in line with the user experience. The interface style is similar to Google's Holo design pattern, but it is easier to use. The app provides a variety of weather information, including weather forecasts for the next few days, temperature changes, etc., and tracks the weather conditions for the day through an easy-to-use interface. Flowx's plug-in improves the complexity and consistency of the interface, and users will get location prompts immediately after installation to provide the most accurate geographical information. Users can easily adjust the widget style according to their preferences, making it easy to update the real-time weather information displayed on the device.

Flowx: Plan your weather intelligently

Flowx provides hourly forecasts for current and tomorrow, as well as forecasts for the week ahead, based on user needs. Pro users can also view up to 3 days of forecasts, historical radar data and updates. Flowx provides weather information for more than 30 different indicators, covering more than a thousand major cities around the world. The app also provides data on precipitation, cloud coverage, temperature, etc. Through the radar map, users can easily observe the direction of the storm, sunrise and sunset times and other information.

Flowx, known for its professionalism and powerful functions, provides you with comprehensive and accurate weather forecasts and planning to meet your different needs and is your best choice for planning your travel itinerary.

Flowx: Weather Map Forecast Info

  1. App Name: Flowx: Weather Map Forecast
  2. App Size: 13.43 MB
  3. Category: Weather
  4. Developers: Enzure Digital Weather App
  5. Current Version: v3.412
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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