Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX MOD APK v92 [paid]

Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX
Updated Tue May 14 2024
  • Name
    Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX
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    3 MB


Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX
Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX
Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX


Easy and smooth lifting

Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX provides seamless boosting, allowing you to easily enjoy an enhanced gaming experience. It goes beyond the game's native graphics (GFX) settings to provide you with a wide range of customization options. You can also choose to apply the app to specific games for a more streamlined experience. You can choose between two different boosting modes.

Stable and reliable environment

All features of Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX work together to improve game stability. These features include:

Reduce game delay

Fix game bugs

Optimize equipment performance

With these features, users can enjoy a smoother and more fluid gaming experience.

Highly customizable interface

The application provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to tailor your gaming experience to your preferences. While using the program, you will discover many exciting features, including:

GFX Tweaks


Rapid improvement

Custom settings that allow you to fine-tune every aspect of the game

Select the game you want to improve

The first thing you do when using Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX is to select the game you need help from the app. The handy filter options allow you to quickly find the game you are looking for among the many apps. By doing so, you can start the boosting experience faster. You can add or remove any game from the list with the tap of a button. These games require participation in order to activate the boosting feature. The app also has a feature to automatically clean up data, which can free up a lot of storage space. This is an excellent choice for gamers.

Easily add in-game boosts

Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX users can choose between boost or overdrive boost mode. The overdrive boost feature is a new feature in the updated version of the app, which provides more powerful features and performance than normal boost. At the same time, they both have the common function of boosting the performance of your device by terminating background running applications and identifying factors that may affect your gaming experience. After doing so, you will easily restore to the last state.

Extend battery life

Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX always offers various features that users will find interesting. Specifically, one feature worth noting is the ability of the battery to reduce its temperature. Having a battery that keeps draining can be very annoying when your battery keeps draining and you find yourself in an entertainment situation. We can't reach the people we care about because of the limited battery life. We recognize that it can be frustrating when your device is running low on battery. We are here to help you limit the amount of power your battery consumes as it will save energy.

Enjoy lightning-fast network speeds

Contrary to most people, users experience indescribable joy when they are able to reduce network latency. Web browsers and links will become your favorites due to extremely fast loading speeds. With a single click of a button, you can easily access and enjoy a wide range of horror or ridiculous movies. You may find the same valuable information you were supposed to search for. The effectiveness of the application as a tool for achieving realism is highly recognized. Players often enjoy perfect gameplay, which can be an absolute obsession for them.

Make your photos clearer

If you enjoy watching movies or videos with a resolution lower than typical levels. The fact that you can never fully experience everything can annoy you. Unfortunately, elements of the movie are not as obvious as they could be, which makes it difficult to understand the subtleties of the characters' performances. Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX was developed with the goal of improving your gaming experience by allowing you to maximize your resolution up to 2560. With this application, you will be able to experience the pure thrill of gaming as it will boost your performance to unprecedented levels.

Stabilizing the system

In order to maintain the stability of your system or other mobile applications and games, we sincerely invite you to try our product. Users will be able to successfully test the system for stability and instability after joining this environment. Users can maintain the system and also effectively manage any issues that may arise. The damage that your mobile device will receive will be significantly reduced. Before the launch of this application, it was designed by the most experienced players.

Optimize efficiency

You will get the best optimization for all your storage needs. By effectively eliminating unnecessary junk data, you can enhance your gaming experience with Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX. Our staff can easily help identify and remove junk messages. Eliminating such unnecessary information will maximize your storage space and increase the capacity of your Random Access Memory (RAM). The best choice for user's entertainment and fun is to engage in it.

Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX uses advanced artificial intelligence technology and is designed to improve overall gaming performance. The program is designed to be a useful assistant, providing support for various household tasks. The video or movie is enhanced in terms of visual quality, reaching the highest clarity. You can now feel the most real and intense emotions. The user can also help you find and delete any storage space that you don't need or want.

Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX Info

  1. App Name: Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX
  2. App Size: 3 MB
  3. Category: Tools
  4. Developers: TOLAN.
  5. Current Version: v92
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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  5. Enjoy!

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