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Gang Start
Updated Sat Jun 29 2024
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Gang Start
Gang Start
Gang Start
Gang Start
Gang Start


The "Gang Start" series has launched a new blockbuster work, which is now released worldwide for the first time.

Unique visual style

Unlike its predecessor, Gang Start creates a unique visual experience, detailing the story of the eldest brother Ji Dao's life and death cycle.

Excellent gaming experience

This game continues the absurd style of the "Morbid Series" and creates an exciting RPG knockout game.

Generous gift, full of benefits

In the game, only 25 seats are available for each number in the "First Prize" card pool, and players have a 4% chance of getting a limited or rare character. The probability continues to accumulate, ensuring that players have a high chance of getting their favorite character.

Furthermore, after winning the jackpot, all remaining grids will be open to players for free, and all unclaimed virtual rewards will also be “gifted” to the players.

Diverse careers, each with its own strengths

There are four major professions in the game: swordsmanship, archery, spells and taming.

Each profession corresponds to an attribute rune, and there is no irreversible point of "devouring oneself". Each character has its own unique active and passive skills.

Enriching experience, breaking tradition

The game designer claims that the gaming experience is richer and more varied than traditional match-3 games, and it uses a chain mechanism.

Players can move runes on a 5×6 rune board to meet the chain conditions of a specific color and activate the chain skills of the character of that color.

Lots of benefits, SSR characters are given away for free

In addition to the exciting content of the game itself, players can also obtain SSR Li Li Lingnan, SSR Margaret and SSR Shentao Firefly for free.

It is worth noting that the current version does not support dubbing, and the brief dubbing of the three Vtubers will continue to appear in future versions.

Gang Start Info

  1. App Name: Gang Start
  2. App Size: 883M
  3. Category: Trivia
  4. Developers: Sick Games
  5. Current Version: v0.11.4
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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