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Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle
Updated Sat Mar 23 2024
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    Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle
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Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle
Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle
Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle

In the mobile game Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle, the protagonist Lily is cursed and trapped in a soul trap and is in urgent need of the player's help to rescue her. Players need to solve all the puzzles and overcome all the challenges to successfully rescue her and free her from the curse.

Break through the puzzle

Players need to untie Lily and the curse. They must solve all the puzzles and overcome all the challenges to successfully save their cat. The key to one of the chests is contained in a mysterious package, and you'll need to carefully examine the contents of each chest to find it. Gem Blast offers hundreds of huge levels where the player needs to collect gems from the game.

Various attractive upgrade features

The game offers many attractive support features. When Gem Blast participants take advantage of these opportunities, they can find new support. This helps them solve puzzles faster, lead to alternative solutions, or provide great support. Each feature offers a unique ability, giving you impressive new abilities. In order to win the game and surpass your opponents, you need to use important tips in the game as quickly as possible.

Key features of the product include the rectangular frame and Plexiglas front

Unlock universal keys by quickly solving the game's mysterious puzzles. Next, break common stones to create a colorful stone by combining two or more common stones. Multiple game upgrades to best support rescue operations. Asking friends for help while decoding levels can help you complete each level. More challenging bonus puzzles can replace the more difficult levels that require effort.

Get sparkling gems with Gem Blast mod

The cat uses his curiosity to pursue information about the cursed gem. The only way to succeed is to connect three gems of matching levels to create a match-three from the gems. Players must connect stones of the same color in a straight line. The game progresses automatically once the player collects the required number of gems. Beating this challenge requires knowing the difficulty level of the next stage and how many gems you need to collect. Anyone attempting this feat must be aware that the difficulty level increases by one level during the second stage. It is important to understand your moves to maximize your potential and avoid wasted moves that can cause unnecessary losses.

Support brings victory

Amulets with mystical powers are called support items. They possess the power to destroy any gem the wearer desires. These support items have different properties that affect their power to destroy gems. Your chances of winning are increased with additional harvested items that give you extra amounts beyond their specific use. This makes using them easier for you and doesn't cause too much difficulty. Focus on difficult situations. When faced with bigger challenges, exploiting problems without planning ahead will get you nowhere. Rely on your resources.

As the game progresses, the difficulty increases

Gem Blast's levels feature a variety of different layouts and designs, adding extra variety to the randomly generated levels that can make it difficult for players to follow. Additional complexities are added in additional weekly updates. Overcome the challenges of competing against the majority of players by fulfilling the demands of the race. It takes a lot of determination to compete in this race; it is challenging to continue to grow your career and reach new limits. This game is designed for players like you; those who are not the fastest, but are persistent. This is why this game exists and it shouldn't be given up.

Freebies are items provided for free

Offering regular high-value giveaways is one of the many ways to benefit from Gem Blast. This is not necessary if the player deposits too much money. In fact, regular events are one of the best ways to get freebies. Unlocking achievements containing rare items is quick, thanks to the Gem Blast mod that illuminates areas.

Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle Info

  1. App Name: Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle
  2. App Size: 48M
  3. Category: Puzzle
  4. Developers: Bitmango
  5. Current Version: v24.0318.00
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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