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Goat Simulator GoatZ
Updated Sun Jun 30 2024
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    Goat Simulator GoatZ
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Goat Simulator GoatZ
Goat Simulator GoatZ
Goat Simulator GoatZ
Goat Simulator GoatZ


Get ready to become a naughty zombie simulator in Goat Simulator GoatZ! This game combines goats and zombies to bring you an unprecedented gaming experience. Your task is to destroy zombies and surrounding objects, turning the city into chaos.

Beautiful and realistic pictures

The graphics are commendable, with realistic simulation and clear, sharp images that bring every detail in the game to life. You can equip your goat with weapons and skills, letting it destroy and wreak havoc in the city.

Zombie Apocalypse Tour

Unlike other versions, in this game, you will only encounter terrible zombies, not humans. Control your goat to shuttle through the city, find and eliminate these tireless undead. At the same time, while chasing zombies, don't forget to destroy all obstacles along the way. There are various weapons hidden in the city, pick them up and see their power. Some of these weapons have powerful destructive power and can melt zombies instantly.

Unrestrained destruction

There are no limits on your goat, you can cause as much chaos as you want. You can turn the city into a ruin and overturn everything. This game simulates the behavior and state of the goat realistically. For example, when the goat is hit by a rock or other object, it will be stunned or fall to the ground. However, after a while, the goat will regain consciousness and continue its journey of destruction.

Rich arsenal

The goat will be equipped with a variety of military and defensive weapons to eliminate ugly zombies. As mentioned earlier, different weapons are scattered around the city, and you need to control the goat to find and pick them up to equip yourself. There are also some strange things, such as boxes containing poisonous items or feces bags, and when you open them, you may be attacked unexpectedly. Although you will not die, you will only be stunned for a few seconds and then wake up. Weapons are the best tools you can use to launch attacks and destroy the city.

Goat's Way of Survival

In addition to destroying zombies, you will also need to take care of your goats by feeding them within the allotted time to keep them alive and give them enough energy to continue their journey. If you fail to feed your goat within the allotted time, it will die and you will fail. Feed your goat at the right moment to make it completely undead in the game and use it to its full potential.

Game Features

In order to bring players an exciting experience, the development team has added more unique features to Goat Simulator GoatZ. The forced crafting system allows you to make anything to kill mindless zombies. This is a zombie killing game, so the undead can appear anywhere in the city and you will constantly face them during the game. The game provides a large map for you to observe and find items.

The game also includes a survival mode that requires you to feed your goats to help them survive. Find ways to turn humans into zombies and loot wooden crates for special weapons and gear. As you kill many goats, you can unlock special abilities for your goat, such as shrinking a human's head and wreaking havoc to turn it into a real goat.

Explore a vast modern city

The city is very vast and there are many interesting things you can explore here. The map in the game extends infinitely, and you can control the goat to run anywhere in the city. Each location will have puzzles or special events waiting for you to discover, such as a Halloween carnival full of zombies. Or, you may go to an abandoned house and find interesting things inside.

You can unlock many different abilities for your goat, such as the ability to hover in the air, levitate at high altitudes, and have the power to destroy anything in the city.

Goat Simulator GoatZ Info

  1. App Name: Goat Simulator GoatZ
  2. App Size: 317M
  3. Category: Simulation
  4. Developers: Coffee Stain Publishing
  5. Current Version: v2.0.5
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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