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Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood
Updated Sun Jun 30 2024
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    Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood
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Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood
Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood
Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood


In the horror game Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood, players will face off against an ice cream vendor who has kidnapped a girl. They will explore many different locations on the map and find the necessary items. At the same time, the ice cream vendor will chase you because it can recognize your voice, and of course, you can also come up with various ways to solve puzzles to complete the level.

Your neighbor friend has been kidnapped.

At the beginning of the story, the protagonist is drawing a character with a strange expression on his face, when a phone call from a name called Liz catches his attention. She is the protagonist's neighbor, and when you see her, she is standing next to an ice cream truck. At the same time, surprisingly, the face of the ice cream vendor is very similar to the character in the protagonist's painting, and terrible things happen.

After handing Liz her ice cream, the vendor walks away, and Liz whispers to you, telling you how she feels, before the vendor blows a cold mist from behind, turning her into an ice cube. He forces her into the car; you, too, are shocked and use your blanket to crawl out of the house. You'll hide in the doghouse, trying not to be seen by the ice cream vendor. From there, you'll quickly get into the car and begin your journey through various different locations to rescue Liz.

Find necessary items

In a horror game like this, you control the character from a first-person perspective, giving you the most realistic experience possible. This feeling comes from various factors, such as the background music and the ice cream vendor who is always chasing you. At the same time, it can recognize the target by sound. You try to avoid it and not let it catch you, just like Liz, the character you need to rescue.

One of the items you pick up before entering the kidnapper's car is a map. Specifically, it's dropped by the villain as he moves, and when you jump into his car, you can stick it on the board to get an idea of where you need to go. At the same time, it will also tell you the remaining distance you need to cover and ensure that you need to find one or more necessary items in order to rescue Liz from this weird ice cream vendor.

The first location you arrive at is a movie theater, where you'll see a lot of cars of different shapes. You'll open their trunks to look for necessary items, especially tool boxes. At the same time, the ice cream vendor will also be staring at you, so you'll try to move quickly and use environmental factors to avoid it. The ice cream vendor can recognize targets, but moves quite slowly, so you'll have to avoid it until you get back to the car and go to the next location.

Each location has an associated item

As you play, you will go to different locations with completely different items. At the same time, if you find something, you should take it and put it in the trunk of the car to use it and complete the level. Some items also have exchange properties, such as perfume, when interacting with the character.

The horror experience of this game ultimately left a deep impression on players:

The player will try to rescue the protagonist's friend Liz from a kidnapper who can breathe cold air.

You'll travel to many different locations in the game, and each location hides items you need to solve puzzles.

The horror of the game is reflected in the background music, the player's emotions, and the joyous moments of the ice cream vendor always chasing you.

Some items can be exchanged for other items, and you can store necessary items in the trunk of the kidnapper's car.

The ice cream vendor has excellent voice recognition, so you need to be careful and trick him into going to another location.

Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood Info

  1. App Name: Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood
  2. App Size: 135M
  3. Category: Puzzle
  4. Developers: Keplerians Horror Games
  5. Current Version: v1.2.1
  6. System: Android 5.1.1
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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