Jewel Crush™ - Match 3 Legend MOD APK v5.9.3 [Unlimited money]

Jewel Crush™ - Match 3 Legend
Updated Mon Mar 18 2024
  • Name
    Jewel Crush™ - Match 3 Legend
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    57 MB


Jewel Crush™ - Match 3 Legend
Jewel Crush™ - Match 3 Legend
Jewel Crush™ - Match 3 Legend


The gameplay of "Bejeweled Legend™" is very simple and easy to understand, but subsequent levels will give players greater challenges to keep them fascinated and keep playing. Each level gives the player a specific number of chances to play. If time runs out and the player does not destroy all gems, they will fail to complete the game objective. That's why it's important for players to think creatively and act quickly in order to develop effective strategies to overcome the challenges of more than 2,000 levels.

Compete with friends side by side, rich and diverse game levels are waiting for you to challenge

The game is continuously updated to improve the overall quality of the game. They add new features and fix bugs to keep players interested. Players can get higher scores if they play through the same level multiple times. Taking on the role of an adventurer in Gemstone Legend™, players have many levels to adjust the difficulty to their liking. Players can also collaborate with friends through interactive game spaces and immersive gem worlds.

A variety of game levels with different difficulties are waiting for you to challenge

The game "Jewel Legend" requires players to match three legendary cards to pass the level. Initially, players simply need to match two cards to easily pass the level. This will change as the game progresses and more difficult levels are introduced. You need to be extra careful with every move to maximize your gains from each gem. Combos are harder to pull off these days than ever, and so are the overlaps. Your intelligence improves when faced with new challenges. Refuse to relax, challenge yourself, and keep raising the difficulty.

Friendly competition to compete with colleagues

Playing games with friends is a great idea. This results in a Facebook-like social networking site linked to a specific game. Display a list of people who have played the game on the screen so everyone can see who is still playing. You can invite people to participate in decryption competitions in a similar way to the ladder system. Participants who complete the decryption will move up the ladder and receive higher scores. Those with high scores will be ranked higher. You need to find a way to outrank anyone ranked above you. In this game, don't give in to anyone; grow and progress to get higher scores than ever before.

Leverage outside resource help to gain an advantage

You can leverage a variety of tools to enhance your efforts and gain an edge. Some tools are smaller, while others are larger and more threatening. Lollipops can destroy any adjacent row of gems and instantly convert treasures in adjacent areas into fake gems. This Gem Legend - Match 3 Legend modded version has the most powerful option, namely bombs that can destroy almost the entire game area. Use this game to choose your preferred option.


Jewel Crush™ - Match 3 Legend Info

  1. App Name: Jewel Crush™ - Match 3 Legend
  2. App Size: 57 MB
  3. Category: Casual
  4. Developers: Ivy
  5. Current Version: v5.9.3
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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