Lanota MOD APK v2.24.0 [unlocked all chapter]

Updated Thu Jun 20 2024
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Stunning visual wonders and beautiful melodies

Lanota takes you into a world with stunning graphics and charming music, which are indispensable companions for the characters who save the world. In this boring world without sound and color, you need to overcome many challenges to achieve your goals. At the same time, you will interact with different types of notes and advance through increasingly difficult levels.

Save the world by stabilizing Notarial Force

The story of Lanota revolves around a terrible phenomenon, Al Niente, which greatly affects everything that humans can see and hear. Specifically, all sounds and colors on Earth completely disappeared, but this was not the end of the world. After this disaster, the world discovered the energy of Nota, which can restore everything that was lost to its original state.

The main purpose of Notari is to preserve the colors and sounds of the area in which it is located. All this energy is managed by an organization, but they can't find a way to continue creating this beneficial energy because it was created by the ancients. At the same time, this energy has also begun to become unstable, and our protagonists will shoulder the responsibility of stabilizing the energy and saving the world.

Conquer the amazing music rhythm interface

One of the highlights when experiencing Lanota is that the story will unfold in an amazing way, accompanied by charming pictures that you can't ignore. You will see the characters that you will accompany, and of course, challenges will constantly appear in front of you. In other words, players need to participate in the music levels and solve them correctly with their own click and touch skills. The operation is very easy to understand, but it takes a long time for players to master it.

You will see a circle called a judgment line, and your task is to click on the notes when they pass through this circle. In other words, if you don't click correctly, everything will fail. Since this is a circle, the elements can appear in any position, and you will have a short time to observe and prepare. Similar to other music games, players will also face many different challenges.

There are many types of notes that will appear in front of the player, forcing them to have corresponding interaction methods. Some notes will have a rather long tail, and you need to tap the screen according to the shape and length of the tail until they disappear. At the same time, some notes will have arrows, requiring you to slide in the direction it requires. The number of notes will increase over time, and the speed at which they appear will also cause difficulties for the player.

Songs that left a deep impression on players

If you have already experienced many of the songs in Lanota, you will surely be impressed by the uniqueness it brings. You will want to listen to them over and over again as you progress through the various levels and continue your journey of discovery. At the same time, surely everyone will want to complete the levels in the best possible way so that the songs always play perfectly. Indeed, there are many challenges that players need to face.

There are many challenges that players need to face in this game, and they mainly come from two aspects. The first factor is the frequency of the notes appearing. They can appear in any position and the number is unpredictable. At the same time, some levels are very challenging, just like the boss battles in role-playing games. There are not many of these levels, but they will consume a lot of players' time.

Impressive music experience

Players will enter a world that has experienced a disaster and lost its sound and vision, so it needs help to recover.

A group of characters will be on this mission, and they have the ability to interact with a power source that can set the world back to normal.

Players will need to accept and overcome various musical challenges in order to understand what happened and help the story progress.

Each level will provide a variety of notes that the player needs to interact with, and their frequency will become increasingly dense.

Many elements of the game will present challenges to the player, such as a boss level or a series of notes that they can't solve.

Lanota Info

  1. App Name: Lanota
  2. App Size: 400M
  3. Category: Other Game
  4. Developers: Noxy Games Inc.
  5. Current Version: v2.24.0
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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