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Learn 50 languages
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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Learn 50 languages
Learn 50 languages
Learn 50 languages


Learning a new language is never easy, especially when you’re just starting out and find yourself already doing the hard work of academic study. Most people easily lose motivation after trying a few times and never touch a new language again. This is a shame because there are many great things about the country you want to study and their language. To make learning a new language easier and more fun, the experts at 50LANGUAGES have launched this amazing mobile app - Learn 50 languages.

Rich language selection

Here you can easily choose the language you want to learn in your native language. With over 50 different languages available as a native language or as a learning language, Android users can easily select the language they want to learn and enjoy an intuitive teaching experience. Rather than offering long and difficult lessons, Learn 50 Languages will offer many easy-to-learn, fragmented lessons, combined with the use of mini-games, to help you build the foundation for learning any language while still having fun.

learning method

In Learn 50 Languages, Android users will have a great mobile app for building the foundation of learning a new language. We provide many high-quality courses to help you build basic knowledge and help you lay the foundation for future study. At the same time, fun and educational mini-games will help you enjoy learning languages even more.

Flexible language combinations

The app offers a choice of 50 languages that you can learn or use as your native language. This allows users to choose from up to 3,000 different language combinations, including English to Chinese, Chinese to English, English to French, French to English, French to Chinese, Chinese to French, etc.

Rich course content

Learning a language requires a rich vocabulary, and Learn 50 Languages provides basic vocabulary knowledge with more than 100 lessons. Even without any previous study, you can speak short sentences in a new language in a short amount of time.

Fun interactive challenges

In addition to learning new basic vocabulary, learners can also get used to important phrases and numbers in the language they are learning. In addition to providing a common phrase book for you to learn important basic phrases, you can also learn how to express numbers between 1 and 100 by learning the changes in numbers.

Geography knowledge and games

Learn 50 languages also allows users to easily explore the world and languages of each country. Through the language and geography quiz menu, you can learn about the location, language and other information of each country. Use the information you have learned to play interesting geography games, such as finding the flag, finding the country, finding the capital, finding the language, etc., to increase the fun of learning.

Various learning games

The app also offers a variety of different mini-games to help you develop other language-learning skills. Choose a vocabulary game to instantly learn and memorize the important vocabulary you've learned. You can also play crossword puzzles and opposite word games to further explore words and their related vocabulary.

With built-in dictionaries, Learn 50 languages makes it easy for users to learn the languages they want to learn with instant translation and word clarification. Users can also create their own study plans, helping them organize their learning experience more effectively.

With Learn 50 languages, Android users can learn new languages easily and happily. Multiple language options, interactive lessons, and fun learning games will give you a great foundation for future studies. If you are interested in this new learning app, go to the Google Play Store and download the free app! However, if you want to get rid of ads and unlock more features, you may need to make some in-app purchases. Remember to keep your device updated to the latest firmware version (Android 4.0.3 and above recommended) to ensure the app can run properly.

Make learning new languages easier and more fun with Learn 50 languages!

Learn 50 languages Info

  1. App Name: Learn 50 languages
  2. App Size: 18.1MB
  3. Category: Education
  4. Developers: 50LANGUAGES LLC
  5. Current Version: v12.7
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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