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Lily Story: Dress Up Game
Updated Sat Jun 15 2024
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    Lily Story: Dress Up Game
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Lily Story: Dress Up Game
Lily Story: Dress Up Game
Lily Story: Dress Up Game
Lily Story: Dress Up Game
Lily Story: Dress Up Game


Experience endless creativity and become a dress-up expert

If you are a person who pursues creativity and is eager to explore new things, then this exciting game is not to be missed. Dress up your characters in the most perfect costumes and make their faces come alive. Not only that, you can also ask designers for advice and accumulate more creative experience in different styles.

Dress up and become the character you want

In "Lily Story: Dress Up Game", players can freely dress up as the beautiful characters they want. Here, you will meet many exciting new characters. With rich makeup experience, you can make their faces more fresh and moving. Each character's appearance and style are unique, so you need to think carefully before dressing them up. From color to style, choose the most suitable clothes and dress up as a beautiful character tonight.

Freely create a boy or girl character

Lily Story: Dress Up Game lets you create a male or female character according to your preferences. Take good care of their appearance to make them more beautiful. Each character has their own unique characteristics, so their dressing preferences vary. You can dress up two characters at the same time without spending too much time. Change the character's hair color, eyes and body shape to create a look that suits them best.

Enjoy the exquisite and rich interface

When you enter Lily Story: Dress Up Game, you will be surprised to see a beautiful interface with many cute cartoon characters. The colors of the characters are charming and exciting, attracting the eyes of many players in the most beautiful way. Each character is very vivid and perfect outlined by the designer; each character's face is very cute, which makes many players feel very satisfied. Always keep your creativity, keep refreshing everything in this game, and have fun.

Freedom to create your own story

This application will allow you to create your own mysterious story by cooking rice. You have the right to drag and drop the clothes you want most in the most comfortable and pleasant way. You can also quickly delete the shirts or skirts you don't like. Write the most exciting and fascinating story for yourself so that you can share the character you created with your friends in the most beautiful way.

Complete tasks and receive valuable rewards

Coming to Lily Story, you will receive many novel tasks. Each task has its own characteristics that challenge the creativity of each player. These tasks will be challenging and dangerous. After overcoming these challenges, you will receive many exciting rewards. Each reward will help you get valuable and worthwhile items. That is why you should participate in the deepest and most extensive way to get these exciting rewards. With your wisdom and alertness, you can easily solve all the puzzles in it. After learning, you will receive many valuable rewards.

Play in different difficulty levels

Lily Story has created many different levels for you to play. From easy to difficult, there are many options for you to choose. If you want to challenge yourself, then choose the difficult level. Each level is an epic adventure with beautiful characters who are always gentle and well-behaved. Each level is an epic adventure with beautiful characters who are always gentle and well-behaved. After overcoming the challenges, you will receive many valuable and fascinating achievements that have attracted the attention of many players.

Game Features

Lets you play as cartoon characters in the funniest and most impressive way possible, and freely place virtual coins on the characters' heads.

Play with many different players and create a space where you can change costumes at will in a noir style.

Let your imagination run wild in the game's challenging levels.

Combine your knowledge and experience to master every style of the moment.

Complete the tasks assigned to you by professionals to obtain various valuable items.

Immerse yourself in an enchanting playground filled with laughter and fun, and pass it on to those around you.

Lily Story: Dress Up Game Info

  1. App Name: Lily Story: Dress Up Game
  2. App Size: 78M
  3. Category: Casual
  4. Developers: SeyeonSoft
  5. Current Version: v1.7.4
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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