Lily's Garden - Design & Relax MOD APK v2.75.0 [Unlimited money]

Lily's Garden - Design & Relax
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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    Lily's Garden - Design & Relax
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    180.07 MB


Lily's Garden - Design & Relax
Lily's Garden - Design & Relax
Lily's Garden - Design & Relax


Lily's Garden - Design & Relax is a delightful mobile game that offers the perfect combination of design and relaxation. Developed for the pursuit of a peaceful and immersive gaming experience, players can embark on a wonderful journey to restore a beautiful garden while enjoying a heart-warming gameplay.

In Lily's Garden, players take on the role of Lily, a young woman who inherits her aunt's dilapidated garden. Determined to restore it to its former glory, Lily sets out on a mission to solve challenging puzzles and reveal the garden's hidden secrets.

The game not only tests your puzzle-solving skills, but also gives you the opportunity to unleash your creative talents. As you progress through the game levels, you'll earn stars and coins, which can be used to purchase a variety of decorations, plants, and furniture to breathe new life into your garden. Customize your garden layout and choose bright colors to create a peaceful space that reflects your personal style.

Lily's Garden is unique in its emphasis on relaxation. Immerse yourself in the game's peaceful atmosphere and relax as you solve puzzles and design the garden of your dreams. A soothing soundtrack, stunning visuals, and a captivating storyline create a tranquil environment that allows players to escape from the stress of everyday life.

With its easy-to-learn gameplay, engaging storyline and stunning graphics, Lily's Garden - Design & Relax is a game for players of all ages. Whether you're a puzzle lover, full of creativity, or just someone looking for a peaceful gaming experience, this game provides an enjoyable journey that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. Start your journey to transform Lily's Garden into a breathtaking oasis!

Lily's Garden - Design & Relax Info

  1. App Name: Lily's Garden - Design & Relax
  2. App Size: 180.07 MB
  3. Category: PUZZLE
  4. Developers: Tactile Games
  5. Current Version: v2.75.0
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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