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Little Stories: Bedtime Books
Updated Mon Mar 18 2024
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    Little Stories: Bedtime Books
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Little Stories: Bedtime Books
Little Stories: Bedtime Books
Little Stories: Bedtime Books

"Little Stories: Good Night Picture Book" is a mobile application specially designed for children, providing more than 100 fairy tales with different themes. By selecting a story template from the toolbar, users can browse through their children's favorite stories until they find one that fits. This app brings storytelling to parents and children alike, helping children relax and fall asleep more easily while listening to stories.

Be the protagonist of the narrative

Children often long to be the protagonists in fairy tales, such as turning into fairies and listening to the birds singing in the garden. They long to be the protagonists of their own stories, the heroes of their own legends. This is because they desire to be the protagonist and make every event in their life meaningful. To achieve this, they can rename functions and change names freely. They can then choose a saving feature that puts them at the center of the next story.

Featuring extremely detailed visuals and an extensive art collection

To make each story unique, the app contains many scene illustrations that blend the colors together to create a visually impressive video fairy tale. Younger viewers will find this narrative approach engaging and inducing to fall asleep - which will help parents sleep more soundly that night.

Tell the story in your own voice, not someone else’s

By adding voice recording capabilities to your computer, you can record your voice using dialogue from any fairy tale of your choice. After selecting the voice recording option and pressing the save button, you can add more fairy tales to your child's library.

A good example of an English story is right here

British children are encouraged to build early theories about language by using a mobile app that combines the best parts of popular fairy tales. The app offers many free stories that users can easily access through a simple download process. Through the pre-installed interface of the mobile application, new stories can be told to children every day. Download "Little Stories: Good Night Picture Book" and get hundreds of stories in various English narrative styles. Each story has a unique narrative voice and many examples of narrative styles.

Little Stories: Bedtime Books Info

  1. App Name: Little Stories: Bedtime Books
  2. App Size: 120M
  3. Category: Parenting
  4. Developers: Diveo Media Story Books For Kids
  5. Current Version: v4.0.5
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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