Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO MOD APK v5.8.18.0 [Unlocked]

Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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    Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO
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Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO
Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO
Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO


Using the Photometer PRO app, users can accurately measure the brightness of light or luminous objects such as the sky. This app can also accurately measure the brightness of light sources such as street lights. The fastest way to do this is by quickly exporting measurement units such as lx, fx and W/m2 to a CSV file. When this data is used correctly, you can rely on your newfound abilities. After downloading and testing the app, you can expect to discover its many conveniences.

Installing light bulbs in your home or facility plays a key role in your decision.

With the help of Photometer PRO, choosing the right light bulb for your room doesn't have to be complicated. When determining the best bulb, all you need to do is measure the brightness level of your room's lighting. By doing this, you won’t have to waste money on bulbs that don’t provide enough light. By following a few simple steps, you can avoid buying the wrong light bulb.

The interface requires minimal controls and is easy to navigate.

Thanks to the easy-to-use interface designed by the manufacturer, many users find Photometer PRO very useful and simple. They like it because there aren't any unnecessary features that are too cumbersome or gimmicky. Images within the app are clear and accurate, making it easy to edit and control content. Users can use the app in "Night Mode" to save battery life.

The light meter needed to conduct the U.S. experiment.

You can perform basic experiments using a photometer that has a variety of functions. Thanks to some inputs from its special photometer, you can measure light both indoors and outdoors. This is especially helpful if you need to compensate for outdoor light or find the flash source more easily.

Maximizes the accuracy of measuring light brightness with ultimate convenience.

With Photometer PRO you can quickly and easily measure the light levels in your room. Each measurement is made with great care and attention to accurately measure the brightness of light. The app also measures the width, intensity and average brightness of light. It even measures minimum, average and maximum brightness levels to collect as much measurement data as possible. You have the right to use the PPFD calculator function for calculations. Take advantage of this right by understanding the app and using it safely.

When choosing which lighting fixtures to install in your home, consider the availability of space.

Customizing the bulbs of your choice through this app will enable you to install your new lighting system. This application analyzes the light levels in your home or office and provides you with information about your environment. This will help you choose the bulb that best suits your needs. After that, you can determine how many wattage light bulbs you need for your home or office.

Intuitive, minimalist interface.

The creators of this application used the most lightweight and minimal interface to create a unique color application. It is built by the manufacturer and designed with specific functions. The innovative design of this project makes it easy for anyone to use. Every piece of information or image was presented in great detail, attracting many participants.

The application is popular across the globe.

The app supports multiple languages so anyone can use it. This helps make it easier to use, which is why people like it. This application serves a specific purpose and does not have any annoying ads. Anyone can use it as long as they have a need or goal.

Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO features:


Free app that measures the amount of light reaching the surrounding ambient light sensor in lux. Ambient light sensors measure light in lux, a measurement of illumination that depends on the amount of light and the area it is delivered to. Easy and simple. Measure the amount of light and share the results. Features include: No ads, Free, Support for new languages: Deutsch, हिन्दी (Hindi), Polski (Polish), Čeština (Czech), Español (Spanish), Русский (Russian) and Français (French), High Precision light measurement, lux and candela, measure and record minimum, average and maximum light levels, full calibration of sensors, solar panels, read the brightness of the sky, wall or bright object, share and export measurements, help with choosing home installation Light bulbs and installation of new lighting, help to restore schools, kitchens, offices and rooms, analyze light levels in indoor environments, indoor and outdoor measurements to compare the brightness levels of rooms, photometers for experiments, test flashlights and other lighting equipment, configure projections instrument screen, tools for photographers, smart, minimalist, easy to use, intuitive user interface (Material Design + WCAG 2.0), fast startup and great performance, fully calibrated light sensor, highest possible accuracy, Prepared for professional and efficient use. Photometer PRO is a non-profit organization with an ambitious vision: to provide free and open light measurement and knowledge to everyone around the world. The best way to achieve our mission is without advertising or paywalls. Therefore Photometer PRO is funded by donations. Donations keep Photometer PRO free and accessible to all.

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Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO Info

  1. App Name: Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO
  2. App Size: 15.17 MB
  3. Category: TOOLS
  4. Developers: Przemek Pardel
  5. Current Version: v5.8.18.0
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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