MacroDroid - Device Automation MOD APK v5.39.4 [Unlocked]

MacroDroid - Device Automation
Updated Fri Mar 15 2024
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    MacroDroid - Device Automation
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MacroDroid - Device Automation
MacroDroid - Device Automation
MacroDroid - Device Automation


The mobile app allows users to add macros to every tool or application used on the device. This dramatically changes the functionality of each program, giving users many new ideas for automating common procedures. The app has extensive support and gives this app flexibility.

The app's comprehensive support makes adding macros even easier. Most macros are automatically activated due to the app's popularity. The application continues to expand its functionality so that users can experience more amazing discoveries about macros. Intuitive interface design comes from the heart.

The application's interface is simple and easy to learn for new users. The application has many uses but is difficult for programmers to maintain due to its complexity. This is due to the fact that the application has an elegantly designed interface with many customization options. Learn more by exploring the forums.

Discussions on various applications of function macros in the built-in community forum. The forums also provide additional information and a place to share community excitement. Clip Multiple Actions enables users to perform multiple actions using the same clip.

Once a macro is created, it can automatically follow the set steps. When running a macro, users can split each action into multiple alternatives that can be edited at any time. This provides a wide range of flexibility, but also limits the direction of the macro. Users can also customize every aspect of the macro. However, if the operating system does not recognize it, the program will abort.

Create multiple samples

Copying procedures allows macro users to reuse their procedures with different programs without negative consequences. These same processes can be used across different games and applications. Creating individual samples allows users to copy macros based on the program or game used. While using macros in MacroDroid is innovative, it requires advanced usage skills due to the enhanced results it produces. Every action and association delivers outstanding results and promises a unique, refined and flexible experience with macros.

Dive into the details of MacroDroid

An easy-to-use app that automates Android tasks has launched. What are macros? According to the definition of Macrocosm, it is the sum of all matter and energy in existence.

Macros record and play back repeated actions in a specific sequence. Doing this saves time, prevents mistakes, and reduces fatigue and anxiety caused by having to remember too many things. To use macros, they need to be installed. Macros are different sequences of operations toward a common goal. It can be a standalone command or an entire operation. To create a macro, you need to assign the appropriate keys and commands to the standard formulas for the device you are using. Then, when you need to perform the same action again, just press the assigned key. Creating powerful macros through apps like MacroDroid makes scheduling specific actions on your phone a breeze. This saves you from having to perform every operation from scratch and helps you stay organized.

How macros are defined MacrosDroid, a software program created for smartphones. MacroDroid has higher memory and stability compared to other automation applications. It also simplifies the process of setting up routines with a low learning curve. The app automates tasks on tablets and phones, such as configuring settings and setting up routines. MacroDroid's customizable selection elements make it one of the effective macro applications with flexible customization compatibility. This is one of the reasons why MacroDroid ranks as one of the best and cleanest macro apps available today. It also has macros for almost any type, whether individual or procedural.

What benefits does MacroDroid provide you?

MacroDroid apps can complete over 100 different tasks that people have to perform manually. These include turning on Wifi, activating macros to automatically post new photos on Facebook, activating data connection macros and macros to automatically reply to messages. People can also use the app to turn on Bluetooth, adjust the volume or start playing music. Some phones come with apps that can perform certain actions simultaneously. For example, MacroDroid can turn on Bluetooth and automatically reply to messages for greater convenience when using your phone. It can also combine all open apps, reduce display brightness and turn off Wifi and Bluetooth for additional battery savings. Sometimes, a combination of these features can improve overall safety while on the road. The app can read text and instant messages from the device, automatically notify you via email and SMS when something unusual happens, help you manage your tasks, and provide support with time management and planning, mark completed tasks for the day, and Create recurring reminders for important work milestones and more. MacroDroid lets you customize nearly 70 different automatic modes. These can include settings for sensors, connectivity, device status, and GPS location triggers. Select a driver from available macros and assign it to the macro button on your secondary device. Then, switch to these settings by double-clicking the corresponding proxy button. MacroDroid customizes its small macro programs according to different needs. For example, someone who is only present on the company campus during business hours may only want to be connected to the school's Wi-Fi during business hours. MacroDroid allows you to set up 50 different macros with various functions. These can be set based on the day of the week or time of day. It can also be set based on which number of macros are active, how many devices are connected, how much battery life is left, etc. It can also be set up to indicate which macros are active, how many devices are connected, how much battery life is left in the day, etc. And to make it even easier for users, MacroDroid also interacts with and provides good support for Tasker and Locale plugins .

MacroDroid - Device Automation Features

MacroDroid is a powerful task automation and configuration application that focuses on user-friendliness, with a simple UI and logical step-by-step processes. Some examples of what MacroDroid can automate include: opening a Wifi connection when launching a specific app (and closing it when closing), automatically replying to a specific incoming SMS by sending your current location, toggling the power button to tell you the time (without taking out the phone), using NFC Tags configure the device (turn on Bluetooth, set volume, etc.). Creating a custom macro is easy: Click "Add Macro" Select a trigger from the list (e.g., battery level) Configure trigger-specific settings (e.g., battery level <10%) Select an action from the list (e.g., configure Wifi) Configure Action specific settings (e.g., disable Wifi) Add more actions as needed (optionally) Add constraints from the list (e.g., days of the week) Configure constraints as needed (e.g., Saturday and Sunday) Add more constraints as needed as macros Choose a Name and Category MacroDroid includes many built-in and user-shared templates to showcase the app's functionality and flexibility and help you get started. These templates can be used as-is or can be easily customized to fit your needs.

Pro version

The free version of MacroDroid is limited to five macros and displays ads. You can upgrade through the app to allow unlimited macros and remove all ads.


Please use the in-app forum for all usage questions and feature requests, or visit the forum at To report a bug or other issue, please contact me at [email protected] with as much detail as possible (including device and OS version).

MacroDroid - Device Automation Info

  1. App Name: MacroDroid - Device Automation
  2. App Size: 53.77 MB
  3. Category: Tools
  4. Developers: Arlosoft
  5. Current Version: v5.39.4
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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