Merge Mayor - Match Puzzle MOD APK v3.24.486

Merge Mayor - Match Puzzle
Updated Sun Mar 31 2024
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    Merge Mayor - Match Puzzle
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Merge Mayor - Match Puzzle
Merge Mayor - Match Puzzle
Merge Mayor - Match Puzzle


In the new Merge Mayor version, players can see faster energy recharging. This game feature significantly affects the player's gaming experience. This version allows players to use energy on two specific days, Wednesday and Thursday, which must correspond to in-game events. The advantages of this version far outweigh any disadvantages. It speeds up the process of creating your own town by letting players unlock many items through the game's reward system.

Become the mayor and develop your town

In Merge Mayor, your task is to create your own town and complete its tasks. You'll also have to develop many aspects of the town, which will constantly send you new tasks. The game drives you forward by constantly sending you new missions. The addition of new gameplay elements enhances the visual representation of town progression and motivates players to face many difficult tasks. It's your job to find the requirement; it's your job to find what's needed to satisfy it. When you enter a room full of collectible items, you have to choose the right items. After that, the rest is done. Finding similar requirements requires more work, forcing you to use more energy than necessary.

Find the necessary Merge objects to locate the required items

In Merge Mayor, you must merge the objects you see with similar properties. Common merging options include crates, moving items, and locked objects. Locked objects appear as bands that cannot be moved. Instead, you can only manipulate movable items by merging or moving them. You can drag a movable item onto a locked item to merge the two into one item. After merging, the chest will disappear from the game. Chests can be sent to you from a distance; they may take some time to open. Some items in the game have a yellow background and will continue to provide merging materials to merge when clicked with the mouse. You can combine an unlimited amount of merged materials, taking care to create the ones you need to complete a specific goal. Sufficient materials should be gathered so that more complex pieces can be created. There are many tasks that need to be completed before taking over, including but not limited to: In order to change the appearance of the town, the team must meet new requirements and make adjustments. Automated execution must be done using numbered items, thanks to these requirements. A warehouse can hold many different items by having many similar elements. As the complexity of the task increases, the energy required to complete the task also increases. With the new version, users can find time to rest and replenish energy. It also counts the number of items they received.

Download Merge Mayor and develop the city of your choice

After completing specific challenges with matching items, you'll gain access to new areas of expanded land. Expand the land by creating new apartments and merging similar items. After completing this routine, finding the right building tools is your next step. Doing so helps you create a massive city by applying minimal effort to your project. Modernize and develop society by building modern houses and streets on vacant land. More people living in close proximity will lead to a more advanced and modern culture.

There are many different items in the room

Each level must build a specific building; these buildings sell specific goods. For example, a food or fruit shop selling the best coffee and fresh produce. Business is full of important documents that need to be consolidated. As the game progresses, the levels will become more difficult for you. Creating new buildings takes longer when completing challenges. This is because players quickly improve and adapt over time.

urban improvements

You need to balance building new buildings with improving your quality of life. This is accomplished by upgrading each recently constructed building. Adding a higher grade to these buildings will increase their attractiveness, quality and size. This improvement increases business value and revenue. These structures have higher quality materials, increasing overall profitability. The world's top cities develop very efficiently; it benefits the city's residents as well as attracting tourists.

Once all sections are unlocked, additional components can be accessed

Building new areas of the city helps players earn more income for further development. This is because new communities provide players with new opportunities to build. New development increases the overall value of the city. The population of cities will also increase, making more activities possible. Download Merge Mayor now and develop the city of your choice.

Merge Mayor - Match Puzzle Info

  1. App Name: Merge Mayor - Match Puzzle
  2. App Size: 152.6 MB
  3. Category: Puzzle
  4. Developers: Starberry Games
  5. Current Version: v3.24.486
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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