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Mondly Languages
Updated Tue May 14 2024
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    Mondly Languages
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Mondly Languages
Mondly Languages
Mondly Languages


Mondly is a language learning app designed to help users master different languages. It offers courses in 33 languages ranging from beginner to intermediate levels. These courses provide a wide range of content and tasks to help learners acquire new language knowledge and apply it to a variety of skills. Consistent attendance at classes is crucial for successful language acquisition.

Acquire language skills efficiently

If you’re looking for a self-paced language learning course, Mondly is a great option. The app offers a variety of courses covering a variety of abilities, taking you step by step from basic communication to more practical usage. At the same time, thanks to the app’s learning support features, users are sure to encounter educational situations that are both engaging and effective.

Enjoy the process of acquiring new knowledge and data

When you expand your vocabulary or knowledge with Mondly, all you need is a pen and paper, while the program provides you with engaging lessons. The act of conveying new information is not limited to the use of plain language. It can also include using visuals or creating specific communication settings. Learners may occasionally form impressions that facilitate temporary recall of knowledge, prompting them to study further to permanently store it in their minds. These impressions can be inferred from the unique situations and illustrations presented.

Comprehensive exercises that cannot be ignored

Once a new language is acquired, it is imperative to use that knowledge and reach a high level of proficiency. Teachers can teach their students the most effective solutions through activities. Users can explicitly use multiple choice tasks to assess their vocabulary retention, as well as sentence arrangement exercises that require accurate application of the newly acquired knowledge. The author has provided a webpage where you can find these exercises. To successfully complete dialogue-based tasks, it is essential to articulate the words accurately and effectively portray the characters in a particular situation.

Multiple language skills

If you are passionate about learning new languages and are enthusiastic about doing so, the app offers you a total of 33 different languages to choose from. One can systematically learn and master the initial lessons of each language as each language has different characteristics. You can start learning a new language that is similar to the one you already master or revive proficiency in a language that you have neglected for a long time. This tool is very useful for learners who want to engage in active learning.

Make sure to monitor your knowledge acquisition process

Learning with an app is often easier to schedule than taking a specific course. Students can choose a time that best suits their best learning abilities, thereby enhancing their willingness to learn. Continuing their education is critical to ensuring seamless learning and retention of the material taught. A monitoring system will be implemented to help you track your progress in this learning activity.

Download Mondly Languages and experience for yourself how easy it is to learn a new language without paying a penny. The app itself contains all the necessary information, there is no need to search for conjugation processes in other sources. Although they may be convenient, it is most important to prioritize finding ways to acquire language skills and avoid over-dependence on them, as this may hinder language acquisition. Discover the charm of language.

Mondly Languages Info

  1. App Name: Mondly Languages
  2. App Size: 110 MB
  3. Category: Education
  4. Developers: ATi Studios.
  5. Current Version: v9.1.6
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

How to Download?

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  5. Enjoy!

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