Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art MOD APK v3.12.86 [Unlocked]

Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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    Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art
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Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art
Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art
Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art


When time is limited, finding tools for aesthetic choices is critical. The app offers users the flexibility of over 50 different styles through its sample system, making creation more enjoyable while saving time. Combining your work with the right frame will help you create a work of art. Choose from a variety of frame styles and colors to complement your modifications. When finished, store your creation on your device for later use.

A miracle is about to happen

Photo Lab software automatically adds a new background layer when creating a new image. This allows photographers to easily change the background by selecting the right tool and clicking to mark the selection. Complete the additional steps in just a few seconds and Photo Lab opens up another dimension. Use unique effects to transform your ordinary selfie into something extraordinary like a monster. Get unique effects to show you have the best selfie ever!

Display matching beautiful pictures in one post

Taking photos in Photo Lab is a positive experience, thanks to their color filters, themes and color system. They also offer professional services through their diverse color systems and creative designs. Try using their filters to transform your face into a creative portrait! Reveal a coherent image of hidden beauty by stitching multiple photos into one. Or try this method when you're feeling overwhelmed by the many beautiful photos you've taken.

Join the photo editing community

Photo Lab's creative photo editing tools provide the most unique and novel experience. Its easy-to-use features combine a wide range of processes to choose from or create, allowing you to choose or create your own trends. Be sure to stay up to date by downloading, checking out and following our posts! You are an influential editor in this area of expertise.


Unlike other image editing apps, the sole purpose of Photo Lab picture editor is to change the look of your photos. It doesn't offer any tools for changing specific parts of a photo or creating a collage. Instead, it just adds new filters and effects to your photos. This free app can be downloaded from the App Store and has no usage restrictions. Every time you create a custom photo, you can choose specific visual effects. With a single adjustment, you can instantly transform any ordinary photo into a work of art. Several advanced effects are already built into the program. Spending a lot of time customizing makes it an inherently complex system. You'll definitely find the wide selection of options satisfying, if not annoying.


This photo manipulation app comes with over 50 preset styles in the program. These styles can turn photos depicting anything, from a person's daily activities to selfies, into works of art. Another useful feature of the app is the picture framing feature; this allows users to easily access pictures in a beautiful format with just one tap. Another feature of the app is the realistic photo effects option. This setting allows you to apply new visual effects to your photos, dramatically changing their appearance. When you look at a new picture, your experience will be completely different than when you looked at an old picture. You can create interesting photos by using smart algorithms in the app to pair your face with a monster, astronaut, or pirate. You can also match your friends' faces with various virtual characters. The app also has special features that you can take advantage of. These include the ability to incorporate photo filters and collages into images. Many people already know about these features because they are commonly found in other image editing applications. You can download Photo Lab picture editor from your phone and see if it helps you.

Use of artistic expression

Why not use an existing portrait as a starting point? The useful Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art app turns photos into detailed paintings. You can also use the app to edit portraits taken by other artists. Creating a new image requires the user to select an art style. The program offers over 50 different art styles to choose from. Users can also change the color of the tones in the photo. Taking photos that accurately represent your personality is easy when you don't have to use excess ink. These images can be used for any purpose you like.

Creative picture frames with creative pictures

Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art has included a frame option and also allows users to create frames using stylish textures. By selecting images already available in the app, users can choose the frame that best suits their artwork. Let an old or modern photo be enlarged to give it a more classic appeal. Choose any frame you like to make your pictures look more polished. Choosing the right frame can increase the impact of your artwork, making it more attractive and presenting an image of significance. When looking for your unique style, every option must be considered. Including these options in your plan will give a complete image.

Photo enhancements that mimic real-world effects are called realistic effects

The best way to make your photos stand out is to use effects. There are tons of realistically inspired image effects to check out here. Reality-inspired effects look like different perspectives. It could be from the perspective of an antique camera, the perception is light or dark.

Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art Info

  1. App Name: Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art
  2. App Size: 43.35 MB
  3. Category: Photography
  4. Developers: Linerock Investments Ltd
  5. Current Version: v3.12.86
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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