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Updated Wed Jun 19 2024
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Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, PhotoPills is an indispensable tool for you. When you see those wonderful photos capturing the beauty of the sunset, have you ever wondered how they were taken? This app provides you with the answer. It can help you understand the exact time, place, and even provide a great camera angle for the composition of the picture. Here, you feel like you are in a fairyland and make those unique ideas come true.

Accurate information forecast

PhotoPills acts as a predictor. It provides extremely accurate information data based on the user's needs for natural phenomena. This data is presented in many different aspects, such as time and location. Now, users can capture every wonderful moment, such as sunrise, sunset, etc. Astronomical phenomena such as full moon and new moon are also widely watched by users.

Fantastic conversion tool

This provides the opportunity to realize those creative ideas that can only appear in image editing and integration applications. Just imagine a red sun between two high mountains, or a lighthouse covered by a half moon shining in the night sky. This is the most beautiful picture that everyone can be fascinated by.

Program Management Assistant

A very detailed plan is tailored just for you. After providing the necessary data, you can build an idea and make a plan. It includes a list of tasks for each given time and space. You will never miss any wonderful moments. These will remind you in advance according to the time pre-set by the user.

Notification bar control

Special events often appear in artworks, such as golden hour, blue hour, supermoon day, etc. Just swipe with the widget tool, and all the information you want to know will be presented in full color, with clear and sharp font size. At the same time, on the bulletin board, the photography plan that has been arranged for users is indispensable. It can help you control the plan and customize the plan that suits you best.

Definition of detailed shooting direction

Knowing when and where unique phenomena appear in your photos is not enough. Camera angle is an indispensable factor to create first-rate artwork. Understanding the concerns of users, PhotoPills provides you with on-the-ground scouting tools. Every lens, shooting angle has been carefully researched and suggested. Everything works at maximum efficiency to create the best photo composition.

What's cool about 3D augmented reality

Speaking of PhotoPills, we have to mention a unique feature called 3D Augmented Reality. This is a feature that is exclusive to this app. It is a tool that allows you to preview the scene and the ideal position to most beautifully place the sun and moon. It is like a well-prepared step to be ready for the real battle on the ground. It also allows you to detect the most suitable precise position through virtual time-lapse.

Potential code search assistance

If you are a professional photographer, details like focal length, aperture, etc. are questions you are always interested in. We provide you with functions to help you identify faster and more accurately. Specifically, the hyperfocal plane table allows you to perform hyperfocal calculations. Or use the matching calculator, which will help you calculate the focal length and aperture of your lens. Everything ensures that you get a super sharp image, accurate to the millimeter.

Favorite location record

Have you ever regretted passing by an impressive place, but can no longer remember where it is? This app allows you to make a list of places of interest. From a rushing waterfall, a beautiful castle, or even a long-abandoned house, ...

Provide generous rewards for your efforts

Every photo is a creative work of yours. That's why we've created a cash prize fund just for you. It's very simple to participate, there's only one condition: the photo must be taken by you on PhotoPills. Your positive energy and passion for photography will go to Legacy.

PhotoPills Info

  1. App Name: PhotoPills
  2. App Size: 10M
  3. Category: Photography
  4. Developers: PhotoPills
  5. Current Version: v1.8.13
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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