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Picsart Photo Editor
Updated Thu Mar 21 2024
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    Picsart Photo Editor
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Picsart Photo Editor
Picsart Photo Editor
Picsart Photo Editor
Picsart Photo Editor
Picsart Photo Editor

PicsArt is a widely used image and video editing application with features to make your work completely artistic. You can easily adjust your photos with basic functions and add many beautiful elements. At the same time, the application can also make you more attractive when taking selfies and more convenient when editing, and you can get satisfactory results even if you don't want to go through many editing steps.

Easily fill large spaces

In the new version of PicsArt, users can find a new feature called "Bucket Fill", which helps you add color or other elements to the space in your photo. These spaces usually have a point, they are usually quite large and occupy an area inside the image. This new feature lets you add the elements you want to empty space faster without spending a long time drawing.

Easily adjust videos and pictures

In PicsArt, users can find features that make it easy to edit images and videos with many unique tools and effects that you cannot ignore. You can make your work more beautiful and attract the attention of users easily. At the same time, you can experience many different picture tools, which will take some time to master and use.

Customize images with basic tools

When you start using PicsArt, you won't overlook photo-related factors like the aspect ratio of images and videos. Specifically, to suit the platform you can share on, the app will bring you a number of cropping features at your disposal, as well as add other important features. For videos, this would be to cut unnecessary paragraphs so that the user can see the necessary information. You can also use the Divergence effect to create a broken effect for the characters in the image.

Various filters at your disposal

When it comes to editing apps like PicsArt, you shouldn't overlook the number of filters available. You can give your image or video a new color that feels right to you, and photos with dull colors can become beautiful with this step. Of course, you can find many different types of filters and select them to make your search easier.

Change the background and blur it

In addition to the above features, many people often use them to change the background and simply blur the scene. Changing the environment requires you to accurately identify objects in order for the change to proceed smoothly. Background blur is often used when adding landscape images to your images. After adding and blurring, you can use the eraser to erase the areas of the blurred image so that they are not affected by the original image.

Add stickers and light effects

When it comes to filters, you can’t overlook the stickers and effects you can take advantage of. Specifically, you can find stickers in many different categories to make your image colorful and suitable for it. You can also add some artistic shots and use brushes to add patterns in these images through dots.

Beautify image content with different fonts

When you edit a photo, you're going to want to tell some stories, and the way to show this is through different words. You can add text with additional content and change to use 200 different fonts. This will turn your text into an absolutely stunning decorative element. If you don't have any content, you can also load meaningful text from the internet to insert into your images.

Create a unique style with pictures and music

When you use this application to edit images or videos, you can easily add additional files to the product. For images, you can use another photo that further supports the main image you're using, and maybe use a blurred background. In videos, when you add songs that are popular or relevant to the video content, you can create attraction for the audience.

Quickly edit or take photos

If you want to have a beautiful image, where the people in the photo should not have any blemishes, you should take a selfie and turn on the beautification feature. This is similar to a makeup feature that helps you effectively hide blemishes and correct other parts of your face. If you don't want to edit the process, you can reuse some of the images suggested by the playback feature and replace some of your signature elements.

You can crop video clips to the correct size and proportions, apply glitter video effects and other stylish filters in the video editor, trim videos, or stitch videos together using smart video merge, create slideshows with music using slideshow maker Montage slideshow. To clean up an image and remove unwanted objects, use the Remove Objects tool. You can also add text to your photos using 200 designer fonts. The AI-powered smart selection tool blurs backgrounds and lets you add stickers to photos. You can make picture grids, freestyles, collages and picture frames. Make a meme and send it to a friend. Story Maker's Instagram story templates are a must-have. Outline your selfies with popular sketch effects. The canvas effect transforms portraits into works of art. Create drip art using drip effect stickers and adjust blending modes to animate yourself stunningly. Use professional drawing tools and customizable brushes in Picsart Draw. Doodle on photos to create see-through outfits. Use a blank canvas to create paintings and images from scratch. Graffiti Art lets you doodle for hours on end.

Through PicsArt, you will enter a creative world of image and video editing, easily realizing your artistic creativity!

Picsart Photo Editor Info

  1. App Name: Picsart Photo Editor
  2. App Size: 75M
  3. Category: Photography
  4. Developers: PicsArt
  5. Current Version: v24.5.4
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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