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Pocket Ships Tap Tycoon: Idle
Updated Fri Jun 14 2024
  • Name
    Pocket Ships Tap Tycoon: Idle
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    96.22 MB


Pocket Ships Tap Tycoon: Idle
Pocket Ships Tap Tycoon: Idle
Pocket Ships Tap Tycoon: Idle


Explore New Worlds

In Pocket Ships Tap Tycoon: Idle, you will lead your fleet to explore mysterious oceans and vast islands, discovering valuable resources and unknown wonders. Every voyage is a new adventure, allowing you to appreciate different scenery and unlock more areas to explore.

Become a good manager

Efficient fleet management is essential. Improve your commanders and let them lead your fleet to victory. Also recruit additional crew members to expand your team and upgrade their skills.

Experience a diverse lineup of warships

A wide variety of modern warships provide you with a wealth of choices for every voyage. Choose the most suitable warship according to your needs and tactics to gain an advantage in battle. Regular events will also be held in the game, providing you with the opportunity to obtain rare rewards.

Conquer giant ships and defeat pirates

Engage in fierce naval battles with ferocious pirates and seize their spoils. By defeating pirates, you can capture powerful warships that will bring you greater victories and richer rewards.

main features

- Explore the vast ocean and islands to unlock new areas.

- Train and upgrade your ships to create the strongest fleet.

- Hire crew members, automate tasks, and increase your income.

- Participate in events to win prizes and rewards.

- Build a prosperous port and expand your business empire.

- Manage your farm, grow crops and trade.

- Collect rare items to increase your income and reputation.

- Play anytime, anywhere, no internet connection required.

Build a powerful maritime empire

In Pocket Ships Tap Tycoon: Idle, you will play the role of a wise commander, leading a powerful fleet to sail across the vast ocean. You will build prosperous ports, develop trade, train outstanding management talents, and build a prosperous ocean empire.

Build a powerful fleet

Continuously upgrade and train your warships to improve their combat effectiveness. The game provides a large number of warships to choose from, giving you the opportunity to hone your command skills. Customize the appearance of each warship to show your unique style.

Trade and grow crops

Agriculture is the foundation of any prosperous nation. Grow food to feed your people and sell your crops for a good profit. You can build a thriving market to sell rice, produce, and fresh food to bring more wealth to your nation.

Collecting Treasures

In this game, you will find rare treasures. They are hidden in special treasure chests or obtained through game activities. Collecting these treasures will not only show off your collection, but also increase your income and make you rich enough to rival a country.

Pocket Ships Tap Tycoon: Idle is not only a relaxing game, but also an exciting sea adventure. With exquisite graphics, simple operation and rich gameplay, you can enjoy the fun of this click-style tycoon mobile game anytime, anywhere.

Pocket Ships Tap Tycoon: Idle Info

  1. App Name: Pocket Ships Tap Tycoon: Idle
  2. App Size: 96.22 MB
  3. Category: Simulation
  4. Developers: Titan Arrow Games
  5. Current Version: v1.2.7
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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