PREQUEL AI Filter Photo Editor MOD APK v1.72.1 [Unlocked]

PREQUEL AI Filter Photo Editor
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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    PREQUEL AI Filter Photo Editor
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PREQUEL AI Filter Photo Editor
PREQUEL AI Filter Photo Editor
PREQUEL AI Filter Photo Editor


Adding new features to editing applications is often an exciting experience for users. This is because many editing apps have prequel-like functionality. The app offers new midnight filters, as well as fog and ice filters. These filters give your video a specific color range while also adding a dramatic and cinematic effect. The Ice filter adds two additional effects - Snow and Fire - that transform your video into a fire effect. After applying many of the application's effects and filters, users learn how to observe the results. They share a common characteristic that helps them detect effects. While working with these elements, you can easily change the color of your video. Since these elements contain more content than expected, the emphasis button is a distinguishing feature. The Exposure feature allows you to control the overall color of your video by manually adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation. In addition to exposure, the intensity function offers many other useful tools. This includes a slider that allows you to modify the degree of presence of filters and effects - making it easier for viewers to adjust to their discomfort - as well as manual adjustments to the brightness and color of your video.

Express your unique personality through your products

Regarding additional elements of PREQUEL, you should occasionally add new elements to the collection. New popular trends on social media are easy to find through the trending section. Combine filters, effects and unique content for powerful results. Consider the music and words you add to your piece. Every element affects how the audience feels. The latest version of the app allows users to discover a new text-based tool. This tool provides users with an interesting and decorative option that they can combine with other elements. This requires the user to have specialized skills in using this tool. Adding the right music can enhance a video's ability to accurately express its content. There are also other interesting options for stickers to consider.

Easily make your videos look exactly how you want them with export

Once you've spiced up your video in PREQUEL, the final step is to export the finished product for use. After finalization, which may take a few minutes, a number of sharing options will appear. This often involves hosting the video on different platforms or posting it on social media sites.

Provides information about this before the previous PREVIOUS appears

A powerful image editing application with many tools and effects.

Show unique character by importing modification effects

The camera is built into many smartphones and can easily outperform the selfie apps found in PREQUEL. The cameras in this popular device produce significantly slimmer images of faces compared to phone cameras. While selfie apps are a step above the camera itself, the apps are still inferior to traditional cameras. The key to post-editing in the app is clear original photos or videos. Any good quality image will provide a good base for adding effects to your application.

Provide you with a multi-level photo editing program at a professional level

To help edit images, PREQUEL provides a variety of advanced and basic tools. Some of these tools include changing brightness, contrast, shadows, and zoom. Other tools include pasting, cropping, adding stickers, and changing backgrounds. More advanced tools include removing fonts, adding sound to images, and adjusting the color of an image to eliminate its original color. It's rare to see an app that has all the tools to completely modify and manipulate photos. Most apps only have a handful of tools, and I was surprised to find that I needed an app that included all the necessary features. Perhaps because of this, I find it more useful to have all my tools in one place.

PREQUEL AI Filter Photo Editor Info

  1. App Name: PREQUEL AI Filter Photo Editor
  2. App Size: 207.78 MB
  3. Category: Photography
  4. Developers: Prequel Inc
  5. Current Version: v1.72.1
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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