Project Breach 2 CO-OP CQB FPS MOD APK v6.06 [Unlimited money]

Project Breach 2 CO-OP CQB FPS
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
  • Name
    Project Breach 2 CO-OP CQB FPS
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    153.39 MB


Project Breach 2 CO-OP CQB FPS
Project Breach 2 CO-OP CQB FPS
Project Breach 2 CO-OP CQB FPS


"Project Breach 2" is a first-person shooter game where players must use various gadgets and strategically complete mission objectives. Play online with friends or offline in single player mode. Game features include:

- 3 levels with randomly generated traps and enemies


The game has 3 levels. Each time the player challenges, the positions of traps and enemies will be randomly generated, increasing the challenge and playability of the game.

-High-intensity shooting experience in tight battles


Players will experience high-intensity shooting in a tight combat environment that requires quick reactions and accurate marksmanship to complete missions.

-Selectable equipment system, numerous weapons and professions to choose from


The game provides a diverse equipment system. Players can choose various weapons and professions and match them according to their own tactical preferences.

- Realistic action like tilting and rappelling


Players can use real movements such as tilting and rappelling in the game to increase the combat experience and fun of the game.

-Various gadgets such as breakthrough charge, flash bomb, blast shield and more


The game provides a variety of gadgets, such as breakthrough charging, flash bombs, explosion-proof shields, etc. Players can choose to use them according to the actual situation to increase combat strategy.

-Smart enemy AI


The enemies in the game have intelligent AI, and they will respond accordingly according to the player's actions, making the game more challenging and interesting.

-Command allies in offline mode


In offline mode, players can command allies to fight and complete tasks together, increasing the sense of teamwork in the game.

-Online multiplayer and private rooms


The game supports online multiplayer games and private rooms. Players can team up with players around the world to fight, or invite friends to form a private room for confrontation.

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Project Breach 2 CO-OP CQB FPS Info

  1. App Name: Project Breach 2 CO-OP CQB FPS
  2. App Size: 153.39 MB
  3. Category: Action
  4. Developers: 1car2wills Games
  5. Current Version: v6.06
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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