[PROJECT:OFFROAD] MOD APK v200 [Unlimited Money/Unlocked]

Updated Thu Jun 20 2024
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Get ready for an exciting off-road driving adventure! PROJECT:OFFROAD offers you a unique driving experience. If you are passionate about off-road driving and want to experience this excitement first-hand, this game is a must-play.

A variety of vehicle options to create a personalized experience

Off-road enthusiasts love nothing more than their vehicles. In order to meet the needs of players, the developers have carefully designed a variety of unique vehicles for players to choose from. Now, you can view all kinds of integrated vehicles in the garage in the game.

Choose from a wide variety of vehicles, including compact 4×4s, stylish 6×6s, and even powerful tractors and trucks. You can also choose your favorite color for each vehicle.

Challenge mode with increasing difficulty to test your driving skills

If you are passionate about off-road vehicles, this game will definitely fascinate you. Most off-road enthusiasts have distinct personalities and pursue unique passions. In order to meet the needs of those who have a strong passion for off-road driving and are eager to challenge themselves, the developers have also prepared levels of different difficulties.

In PROJECT:OFFROAD, you will face various unique challenges prepared by the app for you. You will go through levels of varying difficulty, which increase in difficulty as you advance. You may find the previous level easy to pass, but the next one is full of challenges. All difficulties are waiting for brave players to conquer together with their beloved cars.

Lifelike images bring you an immersive experience

A successful game is inseparable from excellent graphics. Especially for an off-road racing game, the graphics conveyed to users are particularly important. The developer has prepared unique off-road terrain for users, allowing drivers to get the best inspiration on rugged roads.

Designers have invested a lot of effort in research and study to provide players with different scenery corresponding to the levels. The game graphics are of extremely high quality, and players can always get an immersive and enjoyable experience.

If you dream of sitting in the cockpit and controlling your car to conquer rugged terrain, but are constrained by reality, PROJECT: OFFROAD will provide you with a great opportunity to fully experience your off-road driving dream. From unique vehicles to game modes to lifelike graphics, this game will bring you an exciting off-road driving journey.


  1. App Name: [PROJECT:OFFROAD]
  2. App Size: 160M
  3. Category: Racing
  4. Developers: BYCODEC GAMES
  5. Current Version: v200
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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