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Puzzledom - puzzles all in one
Updated Wed Mar 13 2024
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    Puzzledom - puzzles all in one
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Puzzledom - puzzles all in one
Puzzledom - puzzles all in one
Puzzledom - puzzles all in one


In the mobile game Puzzledom, constantly discover interesting, useful and surprising things. Players will always find new ways to play the game because of the encouragement of the title. The main challenge requires the player to overcome and encounter extreme difficulties in the game to decode unique and exciting results. Unlock Now The game lets you choose a challenge, and each treasure chest contains many secrets you should explore. Finding the only chosen one in each treasure chest requires discovering what makes each treasure chest unique. You may find certain pieces in treasure chests that must be put together within a certain time, or you may find additional useful items that aid in future endeavors.

Decide which enemy to fight:


Each round brings new obstacles that pop up in front of you. Use Puzzledom to use big hints and get answers quickly. In addition to getting more suggestions with each gift, the game also values this. Players can also choose their own gifts and friends for more challenging gifts. You know that your competitive nature will always push you forward. To win, you need to resist the temptation to connect the seams in your dot puzzle. Instead, find ways to connect the dots that don't conflict with other solutions. And pay attention to your time frame so you can score big wins with simple alignment.

Create interesting rounds with engaging content:


After playing with friends, choose the next activity after playing with friends and completing related tasks. In this case, the fragments are not mixed in any specific arrangement. Finding the key pieces of the puzzle is necessary to complete the challenge. Shuffling and connecting cards will help complete the task. The score is the main factor that determines whether the game can continue or be stopped. Players need to put in extra effort to get high scores, otherwise they will not be able to continue playing the game. Players should create exciting rounds with friends as this shows the popularity of the game. Doing so also takes advantage of other tools and features to impress the profile. Those with a natural love of connecting art together can continue to challenge themselves in Puzzledom. New, unique and wide-ranging challenges await them. Players' unique perspectives on Puzzledom are evident every round. To win, players need to show their abilities and logic. It's best to develop new ways to play and always create new tools to tackle difficult challenges. Doing so will always lead to new game modes that you can use to play on your own. The game is updated regularly so you can see the new unique features the game has to offer.


Different objectives and play styles can be conquered with exciting new features. The colorful and unique colors create a new game for players. Form impressive images by connecting fragments. Hone your inherent intelligence by executing challenging play styles. When competing intensely against close competitors, sizing up your opponents creates unique impressions and demanding scores.

Game collectibles in Puzzledom include:


Bonding is the act of establishing a relationship between two or more individuals, ideas, or systems. Involves connecting people, concepts, or systems together. This is a very simple game with the start and end points shown on the screen. You need to connect these points so that they don't intersect. This may not be one of the hardest games in the collection. Building blocks are commonly used in games and applications. Blocks is a great block-linking puzzle game; the goal is to form the blocks into a specific shape. This is done by considering logical arrangement as there are no gaps in the shapes. Combine water pipes into one structure. Repairing the pipes became a top priority. The longer it takes to repair your pipes, the more frustrated you will become. When repairing pipes, connect them by connecting their ends. There are 300 challenging pipe levels you need to master before you feel defeated. This version of the game adds more complexity than the first version, with multiple twists and turns. The game contains a rolling ball with a diameter of 4. Rolling ball game is easy to understand. The player simply moves the brick obstacle to the target brick (red) to guide the marble forward. To move the ball forward simply push it. Each level contains an obstacle that prevents the ball from rolling - a "dead" brick. The box is not removable except for four pegs in each corner. There are no hints or supplements in the game - if the box is blocked at any time, there is a good chance it will prevent you from continuing to play the game. Puzzledom is an Android app with multiple collections of popular logic games. It caters to both novice and experienced players. The app has four main games - Number Connect, Fill in, Shikaku, etc., as well as other popular games like Fill in 2 and Number Connect 2. Puzzledom has hundreds of levels ranging from easy to difficult. The creators are very good at combining popular logic games into one application. This allows users to easily download and play any included game with a single download. Users can play games online with friends through Facebook or other social networks. Doing this activity with colleagues or friends will provide everyone with another unique opportunity to participate in the gameplay of Puzzledom. Puzzledom MOD has a paid version that can be purchased on Google Play. However, some games and levels are locked to it. Because of this, we have developed a MOD version that allows you to play all levels and games for free. You can access the modified Puzzledom MOD using the link below.

Puzzledom - A collection of multiple puzzle games featuring:


"Puzzledom" is a collection of the best and most addictive logic puzzles, with minimalist graphics and unique level designs!

"Puzzledom" combines the best puzzle games like Connect, Block, Ball Roll and Escape into one game collection that's easy to learn and fun to play. As a puzzle lover, you don't need to spend much time looking for new mental challenges. From now on, we will provide you with a one-stop gaming experience!

The "Puzzledom" collection currently includes:

★★ Link★★

Connect is a simple game that involves connecting dots using dots of the same color. When drawing lines, make sure that the lines do not cross each other. All spaces should be filled.

★★ Building Blocks★★

Blocks is a classic puzzle game where you fill the entire board with blocks of different shapes. You just drag the correct brick, move it to the board and match it to the correct position. This is a perfect logic game for brain training.

★★ Rolling Ball★★

Rolling Ball is a path guidance game where you need to slide blocks to create a path to move the white ball from the starting point to the end point.

★★ Escape★★

Escape is a famous Chinese push box game. The goal is to move the red block to the exit. This game will test your observation skills.

★★ More puzzles coming★★

We are working hard to develop new challenging puzzle games. Puzzledom will be the king of puzzles! Features • Tons of hand-designed levels More than 8,000 free levels, with more interesting levels in development.

• Simple but fun gameplay We offer only the best puzzles and once you start playing, you won't be able to stop. • Minimalist graphic art design is simple yet beautiful. Game suitable for all ages.

• PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS We will soon support online leaderboards! You can challenge your friends with achievements and leaderboards. • No time limit Unlike match-3 games, Puzzledom has no time limit. You can play anytime, even without WIFI. When you get stuck on some levels, you can use hints to clear the obstacles. Enjoy the game with your family ;) If you have some great ideas for Puzzledom, please send us an email in-game!

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  1. App Name: Puzzledom - puzzles all in one
  2. App Size: 67.45 MB
  3. Category: PUZZLE
  4. Developers: Metajoy Limited
  5. Current Version: v8.0.77
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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