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QR Code Generator & QR Maker
Updated Sun Mar 31 2024
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    QR Code Generator & QR Maker
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QR Code Generator & QR Maker
QR Code Generator & QR Maker
QR Code Generator & QR Maker


QR Code Generator is a versatile application with the ability to create custom QR codes. Not only can this app scan QR codes, it can also generate new QR codes and perform other tasks that require manipulating codes. Since creating apps takes up a lot of space, using different apps for different tasks can be cumbersome. This app provides users with many convenient features that make creating and using QR codes easier and more efficient.

Link-rich content:

Many people mistakenly believe that QR codes can only be used for a few different types of link effects, but this is not actually the case. By using a camera to scan a QR code to link, people can change digital content on the Internet. They can change digital content by scanning different materials such as business cards, documents, websites, text messages, etc. Many people mistakenly believe that QR codes can only link to websites. In fact, people can also link to other content such as apps, WiFi and business cards through the QR code scanning function.

Using QR codes, users can link directly to their social networks:

Users can leverage the functionality of QR codes to link directly to their social networks. Many popular social networking applications, such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, are widely used by people around the world. These links can be added to these applications, allowing users to access additional functionality through a single image.

Personalize your QR code:

The application provides many features for users when creating QR code links. One such feature is the ability to customize link preferences, including custom images and symbols. Adding text or images to links can increase interest in users scanning while stimulating curiosity with relevant symbols or images.

Numerous options for personalization preferences:

The designers of the app have provided different template options for users to choose the style and model of the QR code. Users can choose from different templates to create QR code links according to their preferences and needs.

Each piece of content can generate a QR code:

Users can get various benefits while using QR code generator app. The functionality and design of the app are ideal, ensuring users an excellent experience. The main function of the application is to create QR codes for various types of data, such as websites, texts, contacts, WiFi or business cards, etc. Just add data and generate QR code, you can share basic information or important data through QR code. Most people usually don't consider the convenience of QR codes when using them on their smartphones. Because they are so convenient, many people wouldn't think of creating separate QR codes for any specific use.

Personalizing your QR code opens up more options:

QR codes don't necessarily follow a set of rules. A versatile QR code generator with built-in features to create formal and impressive QR codes. Using the editor in QR Code Generator, using the World Data System when creating new codes instead of confusing them with existing codes is another advantage of this program. The program's editor lets you add colors, patterns, eyes, and borders to QR codes. By adding text or graphics to your QR code to make it more attractive, you can also add a logo to the QR code to make it look better and increase the number of people scanning the QR code. Anyone can create QR codes using the exclusive QR code generator.

Additional options can be added to QR codes via custom templates:

Each template has its own functionality and is different from other templates. While they are suitable for making any QR code stand out, they are best suited for making complex QR codes more attractive. Users can choose the number of patterns they want in their QR code, as well as the style of each pattern. People can also choose from dozens of different templates.

Fully functional QR scanner as a single unit:

The main interface of the QR code generator app is where the user scans the QR code. The process provides users with access to additional features through its interface. QR Scanner makes scanning easier than other methods by scanning important QR codes from images in the gallery. It can also be combined with a QR code generator app to create more QR codes.

Add a QR code to your image or poster:

QR Code Generator adds a simple feature to any picture or poster. It's free to use and lets you add a QR code to any picture or poster. You can also change the area around your code, such as changing the size of the surrounding image to make your QR code stand out more. There are many different types of QR code scanners available. Some people prefer to use a QR code generator to create their own style. This app helps people share their content easily on WhatsApp or Facebook accounts etc.

QR code generator and QR code making tool features:

Want to generate QR codes for website links, contacts, texts, WiFi, business cards or social accounts? Want to create a QR code in your own style and add a logo to attract more scanners? Want to make QR codes using beautiful templates? Then this QR code generator and QR code maker tool is definitely what you need! QR Code Generator - Make QR Code and Create QR Code is a useful tool for generating QR codes. With this QR code generator app, you can easily generate QR codes for website links, text, WiFi, business cards, SMS, social media accounts and more. QR Generator and QR Maker tool provide the convenience of customizing QR codes by changing QR code color, eyes, pattern and frame. You can also add logos and text to make your QR code look better and attract more scanners. With well-designed QR templates, you can generate QR codes quickly and easily. Come and try it! Create a beautiful and special QR code with this QR code generator!


All-in-one QR code generator and QR code scanner - Generate QR codes for website links, contacts, text, WiFi, business cards, SMS and social media accounts - Customize QR codes with different colors, eyes, patterns and frames - Supported Use pictures as QR code colors - Create QR codes using various templates - Scan existing QR codes and decorate them - Add generated QR codes to pictures or posters - Manage your generated QR records and scanned records - Convert generated QR codes Save code as template - user friendly and easy to use How to use 1. Select the type of QR code you want to generate 2. Enter the content and click the "Create" button 3. Customize the QR code and save it Complete all-in-one QR code maker and scanner QR Code Generator - Make QR Code and Create QR Code supports generating QR code and scanning QR code in one app. Supports all types of content All QR code types are supported. You can generate QR codes for websites, texts, WiFi, business cards, apps, text messages, social media accounts and more. Highly Customizable QR Code Maker You can customize your QR code by changing colors, eyes, patterns and templates. With simple steps, you can create a unique QR code for yourself and attract more scanners. Add logo or social avatar to QR code QR code maker supports adding your social avatar or company logo to QR code to personalize your QR code. Various template QR code making tools provide many kinds of QR code templates. With the help of well-designed QR code templates, you can generate beautiful QR codes in very simple steps. Add QR code directly to pictures or posters You can use this QR code maker and generator to add generated QR codes directly to your pictures or posters. Save time and enjoy! History and Collection Easily manage generated and scanned QR codes. Records you want to use in the future can also be saved as templates. If QR Generator and QR Maker are helpful to you, please rate us 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ If you have any questions, please contact us: [email protected] Have a nice day :)

QR Code Generator & QR Maker Info

  1. App Name: QR Code Generator & QR Maker
  2. App Size: 46.28 MB
  3. Category: Productivity
  4. Developers: Qr Code Scanner Amp Qr Code Generator Amp Radio
  5. Current Version: v1.02.34.0109
  6. System: android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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