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Real Flight Simulator
Updated Tue Jun 18 2024
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Real Flight Simulator
Real Flight Simulator
Real Flight Simulator
Real Flight Simulator


Real Flight Simulator lets you experience what it's like to be a pilot in a mobile game. This game features a realistic 3D graphics engine and real weather elements, giving you an immersive flying experience.

Experience the handling and weight of the aircraft

In Real Flight Simulator, you will control a real commercial aircraft, feel the weight of the aircraft under the runway during takeoff, and the real feedback from the joystick. Everything in the game has been carefully designed, even the operating functions of the aircraft subsystems have been fully demonstrated.

Complex operation and sophisticated interface

The game provides a highly realistic cockpit operation experience. The console changes according to your perspective, including first-person, third-person and overview perspectives. Each perspective has its own unique effect, and the first-person perspective allows you to fully experience all the instruments and control panels in the cabin.

Extensive map with famous landmarks

As a pilot in Real Flight Simulator, you can enjoy the beauty of the world from different heights. There are many airports and landmarks on the map, waiting for you to explore. As the game progresses, the map will continue to expand, and you can unlock more advanced airports according to your driver's license level.

High-income contracts

Your main source of income is high-value contracts. However, before accepting a contract, you need to obtain various certifications, including license levels, skill requirements, and proficiency in specific aircraft types. The in-game contract system is constantly updated, providing various job opportunities for professional pilots.

Various aircraft to customize and fly

Real Flight Simulator is not limited to commercial aircraft, but also offers many different types and models of aircraft. Each aircraft has a different purpose, and you need to have the corresponding license level to fly them. For the aircraft you own, you can freely customize it to create the appearance of your dreams.

Fly with other players online

The game offers an online mode that allows players to participate in exciting activities with other pilots and even complete multiplayer contracts at the same time. During the flight, you may meet other players and can communicate with them through voice, chat and actions.

Real Flight Simulator perfectly incorporates the essence of flight simulation into the game, giving you the opportunity to become a professional pilot even on mobile platforms. This game is constantly updated, including upgraded graphics, bringing you endless potential and an unforgettable experience.

Real Flight Simulator Info

  1. App Name: Real Flight Simulator
  2. App Size: 460M
  3. Category: Simulation
  4. Developers: RORTOS
  5. Current Version: v2.2.9
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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