ReZero Lost in Memories MOD APK v1.19.2 [damage/defense]

ReZero Lost in Memories
Updated Wed Jul 03 2024
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    ReZero Lost in Memories
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ReZero Lost in Memories
ReZero Lost in Memories
ReZero Lost in Memories
ReZero Lost in Memories


ReZero Lost in Memories is an open world game that allows players to embark on an unprecedented journey of exploration in the anime universe of the same name. The biggest highlight of this game is that players can freely explore in a vast world and experience unlimited possibilities.

Embark on a never-ending journey into the wilderness

In the game, players will embark on a grand and intoxicating new journey. Interestingly, players will start the game from a completely new perspective, but can still interact or meet well-known characters in the anime. Over time, new content will be continuously unlocked and change according to the player's progress or the protagonist's elements.

Interact with many characters to advance the plot

Interaction with the main characters is the only factor that helps the player to progress further in the world or main plot. Each character has his or her own thoughts or actions, which are based on the choices and directions that the player has made independently or differently before. The attitude or mood of the characters will also change frequently, bringing many surprises to the players.

Complete massive events and win rewards

Activities scattered around the world and many other locations are the biggest progress or motivation for players. These activities are rich and innovative, and change according to different locations or factors, always bringing freshness to the gameplay or everyone's experience. The rewards of the activities are completely random, allowing players' emotions to change constantly.

Intense battles and encounters for combat maniacs

The game's overall combat system perfectly combines turn-based and various elements to create a unique and novel system. The player's interaction with each character in many stages is very important, so the effects or damage caused are enough to destroy each enemy or target. The player's manual customization of the characters in the squad will create rich and creative results.

main features

Embark on a new and ever-expanding journey from a new perspective and discover endless surprises.

Captivating and fast-paced turn-based combat mechanics allow players to maximize their squad’s performance to new heights.

Interact with multiple characters and discover their secrets and connections, both physical and emotional.

Complete vast events around the globe to win various rewards and advancements with specific characters.

Collect new characters in a vast universe and use them to achieve interesting combat effects and performances.

ReZero Lost in Memories Info

  1. App Name: ReZero Lost in Memories
  2. App Size: 112M
  3. Category: Role Playing
  4. Developers: SEGA CORPORATION
  5. Current Version: v1.19.2
  6. System: Android 5.0+
  7. Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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